Women with Intention Wednesday: Tracking Blogging Activity Intentionally


Intentionally Tracking Blogging!


It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY, one step at a time.


Here’s the definition again:


Deliberately, purposely, knowingly**


I think, honestly, for this whole MONTH of October, my focus is on overcoming obstacles and becoming more productive in multiple areas.  In the area of blogging this week, I have my blue blog notebook organized by the Facebook blog groups I’m in to help me intentionally keep track of my blogging activity!



So these are my specific entries and tasks within this area of intentionally tracking my blogging activity,

as logged in my sparkly blue blog notebook.


       Blog group name and rules

I started my notebook with the name of each blog group listed in my favorites or shortcuts sidebar on Facebook, and then the rest that Facebook wouldn’t let me add to shortcuts (since I also have education and quilting groups there!)

[Side note, I wish Facebook would let us arrange groups the way WE want to and NOT restrict how many we can add to shortcuts! I used to have them all grouped by type (blogging, education, and quilting) and then alphabetically within those types of groups. It was a lot easier to keep track of them that way!]

Anyway, I have each blog group name on its own page, along with a summary of the rules for each group, plus daily thread topics (for example, some groups allow posting / sharing on different days: blog posts, Facebook pages, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter – all to encourage engagement and interaction).

Some group admins suggest posting EARLY in the day for the greatest opportunity for engagement. Brilliant idea, and one I need to work on–late night blogging is just not conducive to quality of content or quantity of traffic and interaction! In addition, some groups have a cut-off time for sharing posts, such as 6, 8, 9, or 10pm in various time zones — so it’s really in everyone’s best interest to blog and share EARLY in the day, if at all possible. I think this also supports the idea of preparing blog posts ahead of time, so you can be prepared to share them the next day as soon as the admin or moderator in each group provides the daily comment/share posts.


      Date and post name

Next, for each group, I list the date and post name of any I participate in. I also just learned recently (most of you may already know this) that you can SAVE posts you participate in on Facebook, which also certainly makes them easier to find again when you return to do your reciprocation requirement.

If you do NOT know about this nifty trick, this is what you do:

     Click on the three dots in the upper right corner of a post.

     Click “Save Post.”

     Check in the left sidebar under the “Explore” heading (you may have to expand it by clicking on “See more…”).

     Click on “Saved” and when that page opens, you will find everything you have clicked to save, including posts, photos, videos, and so on. You can then go back to those posts, do your reciprocation, and then click the “X” to remove them from your Saved collection.


       Reciprocation requirements

Speaking of reciprocation requirements… reciprocation in this sense means “returning the favor” of a certain number of comments or shares within the designated time frames. This is the biggest task I’m working on today and this week, catching up on fulfilling each group’s reciprocation rules. Some groups only suggest reciprocation guidelines with no time frame, while others specify reciprocating to 5 or 20 or ALL participants within the post, and typically allow  24 or 48 hours to do so.


      Completion status

Next, I note on the page for each group when I complete the reciprocation so I can check off the post for that day (and go “unsave” the post on Facebook, as I’ve recently learned about doing!)


       Additional Interaction

A new section I need to add into my notebook, is to backtrack and interact with all of you lovely readers who take the time to read AND comment on my blog posts! I really do appreciate it, and I need to begin this new practice of replying in a timely manner to all of your comments.

I know some bloggers are really good at this and I admire them (and YOU, if you’re one of these bloggers!), so I need to follow their/your example. I’m still learning about how to blog as a business rather than as a hobby, and I don’t mind learning from those who have blogged longer and/or smarter than I have so far!


So what about YOU?


Do you have one or more blog/s?


Are you involved in Facebook blog groups? If so, what is your strategy for keeping track of activities?





5 thoughts on “Women with Intention Wednesday: Tracking Blogging Activity Intentionally”
  1. I have two blogs, but one is dormant. I’ve been putting all my focus this year into my lifestyle blog, as it was the first blog I started. Yes, I’m involved in FB groups. I use a spreadsheet to keep track, that way I can copy and paste the links I share. I started keeping track of what I share in groups only a few months ago. I try to share the latest blog posts, but since I don’t post every day on my blog, I can share older posts and the spreadsheet helps me not post the same thing twice.

  2. I am a late night finisher too! But I start early. I just have tons of interruptions. I posted early on Monday and shared the frat chapter of a new memoir. It did very well! So I’m trying to make that a strategy. I’m also trying to keep it 800 words or less as I’m a perfectionist and keep editing! That’s another reason it takes me forever. I’m teying to use more unique SEO focus words as well. Thanks for sharing your intentionality today, Karen! I remember your spiritual blog from last year…
    Thanks, Amy

  3. I do interact with FB groups but mostly on the weekends since I have a full time job so doing it during the week becomes a chores and frankly makes me like blogging less. I am still learning SEO and don’t always do it for many posts.

  4. Saving the threads you participate in is a great idea! I bookmark them and write the date of participation and topic, so I know which ones to complete by due date. I used to participate in many more so I would make folders that would organize them by date. Generally this system has worked out great for me. 🙂

  5. I have one blog, and recently returned to it after being away for a bit of time. I was burnt out and distracted…not really into it. But, I’m back and getting into the swing of Facebook Group things again. I have always typed out the FB Group Name, what I’m participating in (such as leaving a comment), which blog post I’m promoting, and the date. I also copy/paste the direct link. When I finish a task, I “cross it out” using strikethrough.
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