Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposefully Choosing to Achieve a Goal

Purposefully Choosing

to Achieve  a Goal


Welcome to Women With Intention Wednesday! I mentioned in last Wednesday’s post that purpose, determination, and intention work together to help us achieve our goals.


**Purpose: The feeling of being determined

to do or achieve something.**


**Intentionally: deliberately, purposely, knowingly**


Of course, it’s not always easy to achieve our goals, even when we are determined. We encounter obstacles along the way that discourage us and prevent us from moving forward. In some cases, these obstacles seem insurmountable, and cause many people to give up.




I like that directive by Dr. Anthony in the quote above: “Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality.

So we need to remember to allow time for dreams to come to fruition and not get discouraged during the waiting period.


Remember this quote by Joyce Meyer, too:

 We often work so hard  on trying to overcome our weaknesses, that we never develop our strengths.”

So the key here, then, is to strike that balance between overcoming our weaknesses AND developing our strengths. Doing so will enable and empower us to continually move forward steadily toward achieving those goals.

On that note, I have some exciting news to share! 🙂


    I’ve mentioned my most recent major achieved goal was the successful completion of my doctoral journey, just about two months ago (June 26). By becoming Dr. Banks, I am joining a very small “club” of under 2% of people who earn professional (non-medical) doctorate degrees! This is an honor I never would have imagined even 15-20 years ago!


Dr. K. Lee Banks
Just me, new Dr. K. Lee B!

     And NOW, just yesterday, in fact– I learned that my study has been published in a peer-reviewed book by IGI Global, entitled Fostering Effective Student Communication in Online Graduate Courses. It comprises chapter 11 in that book.  I submitted it a few months ago with the encouragement of one of my dissertation committee members, who was an editor on the book. This represents another goal achieved, to have published scholarly research. It’s even a question that sometimes comes up in interviews and on job applications. I believe this is just the first of many publication opportunities, as I’ve been invited to submit other papers for various educational journals.


Purpose + Intention + Determination

= Goal Achievement



So What Do YOU Think?


What are you determined to do or achieve that is related to your purpose in life?


Have you celebrated any recent successes?







9 thoughts on “Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposefully Choosing to Achieve a Goal”
  1. Congrats!!!!!! You have inspired me to get back on my Master’s studies because I have a goal to get a Ph.D. as well and to be published in a scholarly journal. Congrats and you go girl!

  2. Gosh, I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish but will I do or get to them is the question. I have a hard time sticking with them but this is motivation.

  3. THis is a wonderful inspiration! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. You have really encouraged me to go for it!

  4. Congratulations! I actually just talked to my mom about this. She is such a giver and does so much for our family and my dad while holding a very time consuming job. She has a big opportunity to transition in her job and it is exactly what she needs in her life. I’m sending her here.

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