Women With Intention Wednesday: Intentionally Working Without Electricity…Sort Of


Intentionally Working Without Electricity…

Because I Had No Choice!



It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY, one step at a time.


Here’s the definition again:


Deliberately, purposely, knowingly**



I have to reiterate that honestly, for this whole MONTH of October, my focus is on overcoming obstacles and becoming more productive in multiple areas.  In the areas of blogging and freelance work this week, I have been using my trusty offline paper notebooks and pen to categorize and prioritize all the work I need to do. Some how it helps me to actually write it down on paper instead of merely typing it.


Then this morning, I intentionally – though not my first choice for optimal work conditions – continued to work for about an hour WITHOUT ELECTRICITY! We’re having heavy rain and wind storms here in Maine, and as I was right in the middle of beginning my blogging for the day, the power went out!




Well, that first plan went out the window and joined the deluge outside!  So my next bright ideas for  intentional work and tasks I could do without power included the following:


     Working on freelance work – I could do this on my laptop for as long as my battery would hold out, using the Word documents and templates I have set up. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I have work for three different clients right now. This ongoing work includes:

     Assessment writing and reviewing

     Education blog posts

     Lesson plan to accompany a literature book




     Decluttering – I could do this if/when my laptop battery approached dangerously low levels, requiring me to shut it down, if the power outage lasted that long. Decluttering is an ongoing process, for sure. I have tackled hubby’s and my dressers and part of the main bedroom closet so far (before today).  I thought I might get to the top shelf and the piles of stuff in baskets on the floor of the closet today…or back out to the livingroom and the space out there that still needs a huge amount of decluttering and reorganization.



NEW quilt project that begged to be “kreated”

     Cutting out fabric – I could do this for various orders and projects with the light from a large battery-powered LED lantern. Using a rotary cutter, I would prefer to see what I’m doing, and it was almost as dark as night during the storm!



   As it turned out, the power outage only lasted about an hour! I got through a good portion of one set of assessment questions. These particular ones are the analogy type I mentioned yesterday, that start off like this:


Exercising is to strengthening as


(A) falling is to tumbling

(B) working is to playing

(C) teaching is to learning*

(D) snowing is to melting

(E) brushing is to painting

*Correct answer

And then obviously, I was able to return to my FIRST plan of the day, which was writing my blog posts! If you’re interested in checking out my other blog, today I wrote about Integrity: Choosing Right Actions Even When Nobody Knows!


So What About YOU?


Do you have alternate plans in place for times when the power goes out?


Does losing power and/or Internet service make you realize how dependent we are on technology and modern conveniences?



Recipe for happiness: Live with enthusiasm, smile for no reason, love without conditions, act with purpose, listen with your heart, and laugh often. - Adrian Corday










14 thoughts on “Women With Intention Wednesday: Intentionally Working Without Electricity…Sort Of”
  1. decluttering the house is a GREAT use of time, especially when there is a power outage. i just did this yesterday actually (not because of electrical outage but because it needed to be done!)

  2. I actually have never really thought about what I would do if the power goes out! These are all great tips and I will have to sit and think about it! And yes it sure does make me realize how dependent we are on power 🙂 I use it for way too many things

  3. I have a lot of experience with power outages. Then the lights go out in the daytime, I work on decluttering. If they go out when it’s too dark to do that, I pull my Kindle out and read, or Hubby and I sit and talk. I can also go around the corner to the gym and work out or go for a walk if the weather is good and get pictures for my blog posts.

  4. I don’t live in a place where power often goes out due to storms…. the last time I remember losing power in a storm was more than ten years ago 🙂

  5. If it is during daytime I would probably pick up a book to read, but if the power outage happens in night time I would probably just go to bed haha

  6. VERY TRUE! Good that you have alternatives. I lost cable for 3 days this month and went to a hotel for internet one day and got everything that didn’t demand a computer the other two. Thank goodness for hotspot and cellphones with the internet. I would have been at the hotel for 3 days!

  7. When power goes out, I’d feel miserable for awhile. But then I think on the positive side and go on with primitive living for that moment. I tried to do more reading and doing house chores that doesn’t required electricity.

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