Toxic People NOT Welcome – Remove Them from Your Life

Welcome to mid-week of our first full week in September! If you have been reading my blog, you know I just completed  a series of posts on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose. By clicking on that link, you can check out the reflection on the whole series, with links to each post.



Usually part of successfully pursuing our purpose involves spending time with supportive people who may not always agree with us, but they will encourage and facilitate our growth. On the other hand, there are many things in life that can hinder our spiritual growth and just in general, ruin our days, but perhaps one of the most insidious causes is – unfortunately – negative, critical people. You know the kind – the ones who seem to think it’s their place in life to tell you what you should be doing or not doing, how you should feel or think, or not, and honestly think their opinions are the only ones that matter.


If you dare to disagree or point out their own flaws or suggest their negativity and criticism are not appreciated – and suggest perhaps they should look in the mirror before criticizing others – they can’t handle it and instead accuse YOU of being nasty, inappropriate, and “un-Christian” in your behavior – all because you disagreed, have your own opinions or beliefs, and wouldn’t listen to what these negative, critical people said.  After all, these people “are not the boss of you.”


Sometimes you just have to eliminate toxic people from your life–cut ties if necessary, limit time spent with such people, or {{gasp!}} “unfriend” them on Facebook!


In this book by Joyce Meyer, entitled “You Can Begin Again,” she discusses the influences in our lives that can hinder our spiritual growth and take our focus away from God.


These are the three main hindrances that other people can sometimes throw in our path:


1- Negative attitudes: Spending time with people who murmur and complain all the time can adversely affect your spirit. “Don’t allow the negativity of those around you to pull you down and take your focus away from the Lord. Fill your life with positive things that build you up and increase your joy.”


2- Impossible expectations: It’s really true that you can’t please all the people all the time. Some people are impossible to please, and nothing you do will ever be good enough. “You can’t live your entire life trying to impress or please others.” Constantly trying to please others and meet their expectations means you are living the way THEY want you to live, NOT living your own God-ordained life. “There is no joy in that, only bondage.” Instead, live your life the way God directs you to live it – not by the unrealistic or impossible expectations or demands of other people.


3- Jealousy: Some people just can’t rejoice with others who rejoice over blessings and answers to prayer in their lives. Instead, their tone of voice, their words, their facial expressions, and their behavior all express just how jealous and bitter they are about how well you are doing. “Don’t apologize for what God has given you just because someone else is jealous of it. If they can’t be happy for you, then they have some issues they need to get right with God….Don’t let the accusations of suspicious people intimidate you into giving up what God has provided.”

[Extracted/paraphrased from “You Can Begin Again” by Joyce Meyer]



So beware of people who consistently throw hindrances of negative  attitudes, impossible expectations, and jealousy your way. There’s a good chance you should eliminate those people from your life, or at least, spend considerably less time with them in order to help you grow and maintain your focus on God and positive living in general.


So what do YOU think?

Do you have toxic people in your life?

Have you noticed they use any or all of the three methods discussed to hinder you in your life?


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