Top List Tuesday: Top 3 Newest Feline Additions to Our Family

Top 3 Newest Felines!


                 Three cute siblings: Loki, Thor, and Minnie


It’s Tuesday and that means time for another “Top” list – and today, it’s about…


Our Top 3 Newest Feline Additions

to Our Family!

Well, OK, “newest” as of almost two years ago, compared to our now 8-year-old cats I blogged about yesterday on Global Feral Cat Day, October 16th! (Check it out HERE if you missed it!)

Here’s the background: Nearly two years ago, we sadly lost our oldest cat, our 10-year-old Mackster, when he suffered congestive heart failure quite suddenly in the early morning hours of November 2, 2015. He was a gorgeous Maine coon cat who we adopted from our local humane society.


Our Mackster doing his favorite head bump with pet papa Dave


His abrupt and rather violent end of life left us devastated even though we had our other five formerly feral kitties to console us. We were concerned about one of them, Smokey, because he and Mack had been quite a pair.


Mack and Smokey “helping” with the laundry one day!



So we checked into a local animal adoption group on Facebook, to see if anyone had any Maine coon kittens available to adopt. Long story short, one of our vet techs, Jessica, happens to do pet rescue and fostering on the side — and she contacted us to let us know she had rescued a pregnant mama kitty…


who had been scheduled to die at a high kill facility in a southern state. 


Fortunately, Jessica had her pulled from the “kill” list just in time. The mama kitty had a litter of five kittens on September 1, 2015, so they were only a couple months old at the time Jessica responded to our inquiry. The litter included four males — two with markings similar to Mack’s and two orange tabbies — and one female orange tabby. Jessica brought them all over, and hubby Dave and I each held one of the pair who looked the most like Mack … and we knew we couldn’t choose between the two and didn’t want to separate the brothers. So we adopted both of them!


A couple weeks later, Jessica contacted us to let us know the potential adopters of the only female kitten had changed their minds… so we adopted her, too! Couldn’t leave out little sister!



So here they are! Allow me to introduce you to …

Our Top 3 “Newest” Felines!


Silly Loki settling into a quilt!



Yes, for real… I wanted to name him and his brother Timmy and Tommy, but Dave wanted to name them Loki and Thor! Loki is the one who looks the most like our Mackster did, with very similar markings. Sometimes we have fleeting moments of envisioning Mack when Loki approaches us …

He is such a friendly and affectionate boy, and he has this adorable lion-face profile, with the square jutting chin. He also likes to do the head bump, just like Mack used to do!

One of Loki’s newest habits is to follow me to bed nearly every night. As soon as I get into bed, he claws on the edge of the mattress (again, another habit that mimics what Mack used to do, so it’s a little unsettling at times!) and then jumps up and lies down on my stomach to visit for awhile.

The story behind the picture is that I was trying to take a picture of a quilt I had made for a K-Lee’s Kreations customer before sending it off. I had spread it from the couch over the coffee table — and both Loki and Thor immediately decided they had to be part of the picture!



Silly Thor had to get into the quilt picture!



Thor got this name instead of Loki, because he has big double paws–so Dave said Thor and his thumbs went together! He also has very distinct markings, in addition to his big paws, including two different color upper front legs and a white-tipped tail.

He is alternately skittish and friendly!  Sometimes he runs away if we even take a step in his direction, and other times he wants to be in our laps.

Just like his brother, Thor also has this relatively new habit of visiting Dave as soon as he climbs into bed every night. Thor even runs into the bedroom ahead of Dave, and waits for him! Then as soon as Dave walks in and talks to him, Thor starts meowing and talking to Dave — too cute! He then does the same thing with Dave as Loki does with me: lies on Dave’s stomach to visit for awhile.


                       Thor and Loki sharing a kitty bed



Loki and Thor sharing the rocking chair



As you can see, these little brothers are nearly inseparable! We’re so glad we adopted them together! But out of the litter of five (these two and then three orange tabbies), as I mentioned, there was only ONE female…


Cute Miss Minnie, the only female of the litter!


Oh Miss Minnie! She is just so adorable!  Again, I wanted to name her something other than Minnie — like, Tabitha! But Dave thought that would confuse our Mr. Tabs if we were calling them both “tab” something — which I suppose is true! And she is smaller than her brothers are, so the name seemed to fit; plus, she is like the “mini me” next to Mr. Tabs!

She is probably the most talkative of the whole bunch of 8 cats together! She walks around meowing at us and at the others, especially Mr. Tabs. She loves attention, on her terms –if she’s not “in the mood,” she runs away! Other times she follows us around and often mimics her brothers’ antics of crawling into our laps and visiting us in bed.

But any other time, she can nearly always be found with Mr. Tabs. They are a bonded pair and it’s so cute the way he watches out for her!


Mr. Tabs and Miss Minnie immediately bonded!



Now just over 2 years old, our three newest additions, plus our five formerly feral felines, are all are very much part of the family and are safely indoor kitties only. We have no regrets about rescuing and adopting 8 kitties, as we can’t imagine NOT having them in our lives!

We are also pleased with how well they all get along, and how certain younger kitties bonded with older ones!  In addition to Mr. Tabs and Minnie, Thor really took to Smokey–another interesting and intriguing event, since we were worried about Smokey after Mack died. Now he has a new buddy!


Thor became Smokey’s little shadow



It seemed fitting to add this post today after posting yesterday about our feral cat adventure that took place in October, since Global Feral Cat Day –begun by Alley Cat Allies in 2001– was yesterday, on October 16th! 🙂



So What About YOU?


Do you have any fur babies?


Have you ever rescued or fostered any animals, and ended up keeping more than you originally planned?



               Mr. Tabs, Lu, and Thor




6 thoughts on “Top List Tuesday: Top 3 Newest Feline Additions to Our Family”
  1. I am a fashion blogger but also a cat lover. These kitties are so lucky to have you, they are absolutely cute. I have a girl, she is a mixed Maine Coon and my husband and I love her very much!

  2. Omg I’m totally a crazy cat lady but only have one cat. My fiance and I adopted her and have been obsessed with her since. Your cats are adorable!

  3. Good for you to reach out and save more kitty lives. We got ours from a shelter too and he is quite the personality. You must have your hands full with endless litter box clean ups. It’s the only thing I dread. Haha!

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