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My own personal “Blogathon” continues! I ran out of steam last night at 11 posts, so I’m picking back up today at UBC post #12 about the Top 3 Most Popular Posts here on this blog since the beginning of 2012, based on views and comments. They all occurred during the first two weeks of January, during a time period when I had over 200 page views.

#1 – Exercise Your Creativity: This post acquired 11 comments, the most of any post on this blog. Apparently it attracted a lot of attention because I have a lot of creative blog readers! It was fun to learn about what different people do for their creative endeavors.

#2- Welcome 2012 – Time to Establish Goals: It’s interesting to me that this goal-setting post, which gathered 7 comments, plus the next two (tied at 6 comments for third most popular) focus on a similar theme of goals, reflections on making changes, and confidence to make some of those changes and reach those goals!

#3/4 – Each New Year Brings – CHANGE & 10 Confidence-Building Quotes from Joyce Meyer: As I mentioned, these posts each gathered 6 comments.  I think it’s because it was the beginning of a new year and people were anxious to discuss the idea of making changes, while also recognizing it often requires confidence to make changes in order to grow, and reach goals.

I realize the number of blog views and comments on my blog are “minor league” compared to some who receive hundreds/thousands of views monthly and dozens of comments on a regular basis – but hey, we all have to start somewhere and I know it takes time and commitment to build a blog AND a following!



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