Three Things Thursday: Declutter, Make a Double Blanket, and Make a Pillow!

3 Things:

Less Clutter, Blanket, and Pillow/s!



Thursday is here again – the first one in October! So if you have visited or followed my blog, you know what that means – and for those who are here for the first time, check out my blog topic schedule in the image above. For today…


It’s 3 Things Thursday!


So among multiple tasks on my schedule today (including blogging, commenting, and the boring ones, like putting laundry away), here are my three things to tell you all about on this Thursday:  doing more decluttering of the area vacated by hubby’s pool table a few weeks ago, making a double fleece blanket for a wedding gift this Saturday, AND making a pillow (or pair of pillows, maybe) as a gift for my brother who recently moved into his own place in a new town, after living with my younger sister and her family for awhile.


                   Fall foliage around our yard (2016)






Some of you may recall my post about my hubby selling his pool table several weeks ago (end of August), which opened up space in the livingroom that I am now reclaiming for a combination office and “kreative” space for my K-Lee’s Kreations business (if not, click HERE and HERE to read about it!)


This is the BEFORE … shortly after the pool table left for its new home…


Rearranging and reorganizing the space


The AFTER photo is pending … still working on this decluttering / reorganizing phase, because much of that front layer of totes and all on the right side used to live under the pool table!  So stay tuned for future posts …


       **MAKING A BLANKET!!**

My oldest nephew and his bride-to-be are getting married this Saturday, October 7th. I am working on making them a double-layered fleece blanket. I found this really fun black fleece with designs that resemble a chalkboard with writing and pictures on it…


                               Wedding themed fleece in 2 designs


So I’ll be layering these two pieces wrong sides together, stitching through the middle and around the edges, and creating fringe to make the blanket. Watch for the completed project in an upcoming post!


       ***MAKING A PILLOW – OR 2!!!***


My only brother moved last year from his old apartment in Gilford, New Hampshire, where he had lived since we lost our Mom in 2011 (he had been staying with her and caring for her). He needed a change and has lived with my middle sister and her family in a different town in New Hampshire since then, but just recently moved over the summer into his own new place. So for an “Apartment Warming” gift, I’m working on making him a pillow – or pair of pillows – to go with his new decor.  I haven’t quite decided on the design yet, but it might be along the lines of these pillows I made previously for the same couple I mentioned in my #2 item here, when I went to her bridal shower in August.


               Pinwheel-star pillows


I just looked at pictures of his apartment and furniture again, and I’m thinking I’ll go with the multi-pinwheel design in alternating blues, greens, and neutrals. Again, stay tuned for future posts to see the results!


So What About YOU?


How is YOUR Thursday going?


What are three things you are working on today, if you care to share?



               Quilt and pillows with dog photos





42 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Declutter, Make a Double Blanket, and Make a Pillow!”
  1. I spent a good portion of tonight decluttering too! Its so therapeutic to purge your old things and organize material things. I do it to relax. 🙂

  2. I really need to do some blog admin, declutter and start writing up pt plans but it all seems to get away with me and I never end up having time!

  3. Im actually very impressed you can 1. Do all that in a day and 2. Do it at all! You are very clever and the things you make are amazing. I cant wait to see the finished products!

  4. I need to make some time for crafting this weekend! Making a blanket or a pillow sounds like so much fun!

  5. Oh i do de-cluttering and then gain after a few days, more stuff come on. Hope to do it over the weekend. Besides that just working on my blog.

    Great personalized gifts you are making.

  6. Your Thursday sure looks fruitful. My Thursday was a break from work so I did much of arranging, laundries and cleanings. The little break went a long way for me

  7. Those are lovely examples. I used to sew and it was very relaxing. I haven’t in years… I hope the colors you select turn out to be perfect. 🙂

  8. Wow! You are so talented. My Thursday was pick and drop duties for my little one, her ballet class and publishing my latest blog. That’s all

  9. My Thursday was not half as creative as yours. It was full of mommy duties, pilates class and later dinner with friends

  10. hahaha it’s as though we are the same person, that was my three tasks for last week, for me to declutter, buy blankets and bedding. Very interesting, thanks for sharing

  11. Wow, love your creative space! Must be nice to have a place for your own where you can let your creativity flow. And decluttering…sounds like a never ending story haha. Why do er always have too much stuff or holding on to things for too long even if it’s useless 😉

  12. I can sure empathise with your decluttering quest. This past year I’ve been working my way through the house doing Marie Kondo’s method of tidying up. While it’s been a lot of work, the rewards have been great! x

  13. I am also on a decluttering journey. Slowly.. but surely haha
    I wish I was more crafty like you ! I like crafts, I’m just not very good at ti. I’ve been trying to make a blanket out of old T-shirts and it ended up being a disaster haha oh well

  14. I’ve been decluttering lately and to be honest, going into it I thought it would be about 2 hrs of work. BOY WAS I WRONG!!!! It’s so crazy how much stuff we accrue over time and then to go through it all to get rid of it, is so much work. While I’m still doing it myself, I can’t wait to see your after photo. We can do it!!!!

    Danielle | <3

  15. My thursdays will go something like waking up at 5:45, going to school and coming back at home late. It’s a routine, I don’t like but what can you do? I would love to get into some decluttering since my mom has been bugging me to do so, but I just can’t find the time. Been overwhelmed with so much, it’s crazy.

  16. De-cluttering is something we all seem to hate and we put off doing it for as long as possible. It can be such a tedious process – but the rewards are worth it if you put the time in. You then feel so much better and usually can accomplish so much more in an un-cluttered environment.

  17. It sounds like you have a busy schedule making crafts. I miss crafting but it makes my hands hurt especially if I crochet. Darned arthritis makes my hobbies hard.

  18. I can’t even explain the difference it’s made to my anxiety and stress levels since I’ve decluttered my apartment, it’s crazy how much stuff you just accumulate over the years but boy does it feel good just to bag up piles of un-needed items and take them to the charity shops! Tidy house tidy mind!

  19. Ugh! Couldn’t agree with you more on the decluttering – really want to get my room back in shape, it’s heaving with junk at the moment so thanks for inspo to get moving on it!

  20. I always practice organizing, though decluttering takes time in doing. It means a lot in time. It makes future actions convenient and at the same time clean and proper.

  21. Making a blanket is an amazing idea. It can be a wonderful gift for Christmas too. I and my roommate went for pumpkin patch over the weekend. I was able to see fall foliage at its best at some locations. It’s seriously the best time of the year. Enjoy Fall.

  22. I am not good at organizing things. I need to do them well. I let things remain at the place they are and sometimes act lazy to declutter them. Got to improve it now. And i loved that Star Pillow. Looks geat!

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