The Mad Mouse Mission

This is a special day in our home: five of our fur babies turn 7 years old! They originally showed up in our yard in fall 2009 as a litter of feral kittens, smaller than squirrels.  Being the tenderhearted people we are, we couldn’t ignore these helpless little fur babies, so we used a safe trap to capture them over a few weeks. We worked on “socializing” them and planned to only keep a couple…but after spending time with them, we couldn’t part with any of them! The vet “guesstimated” their age and assigned today as their approximate birth day, so we celebrate September 10th every year as their birthday.


Our formerly feral kittens in their "kitty condo" papa Dave made for them!
Our formerly feral kittens in their “kitty condo” papa Dave made for them!


In reflecting on our fur babies, I came across this post from a few years ago that features our kitties, so I thought I would share it again. Hope you enjoy it!


It all started when I opened the pantry cupboard door to grab my old-fashioned oats to make my usual morning bowl of oatmeal. Perched on the middle shelf below the oats, a little mouse stared back at me with its beady little eyes. I freaked out and slammed the door, which I’m sure scared the mouse as badly as it  had startled me, and alerted the cats and dog that *something* was wrong!!


I cautiously opened the door again, but of course, the mouse had retreated further into the cupboard, so I quickly snatched my container of oats and the brown sugar before closing the door again. The cats were on the scent and sat in front of the cupboard door, with their tails twitching.


It makes you wonder why ANY mouse would dare enter our house – we have six cats: one older Maine coon cat and five “kittens” who are actually 2 1/2 years old now, who began their lives with us as about two-month-old feral kittens we had trapped in our back yard.  We never could part with them after “socializing” them, so they ended up as members of our family.


Anyway, I digress. As I was making my oatmeal, I heard that little bugger scratching inside the cupboard again! The cats were trying to get into the cupboard, so I decided to just leave it open and let nature take its course. This literal “cat and mouse” game went on all day, as one or more cats tried to crawl far enough into the cupboard to catch the mouse – and they appeared to take turns standing guard by the cupboard all day!


Later on, just after hubby and I finished our supper, we heard a major commotion coming from the kitchen, including multiple sets of scurrying feet. We ran out to find that sure enough, the cats had flushed out the mouse, and had it cornered under the bench by the door.  Well, that only lasted a couple minutes, and the mouse decided it was on a mission to lead everyone on a wild chase through the house!


First thing we did was close the bedroom door, since we really didn’t want the mouse in THERE. Now you would think, with six cats and a dog, that one of those critters – with their instinctual nature to chase and catch rodents – would do so. Well, the older cat demonstrated how useless he was at such a task, as the mouse at one point ran OVER him as he was just leisurely sprawled out in the middle of the kitchen floor! The younger cats just seemed to think it was great fun, chasing and playing with the mouse – temporarily cornering it first in the livingroom, then the den, and back out to the livingroom. After all, the cats have TOY mice that don’t run around like that!


Finally, after creating a messy path of “destruction” as we moved furniture and STUFF to get to all the different spots where the cats had cornered the mouse, we finally had it captured under one of my craft bins on wheels. Then, with me blocking one side and front of that with the bin cover, hubby used a pool stick to drive the mouse out the other side and, with a heavy leather glove on, he grabbed the mouse. He yelled at me to open the door and he ran outside with the mouse!


Of course, this probably means (a) the mouse will return at some point and find its way back inside; or (b) the mouse will NEVER return, but will probably have a great story to tell all its relatives and friends, about the “Mad Mouse Mission” at a certain home in Maine!

Here’s the gang at feeding time!


Feeding Time!


So what do YOU think?


Did you enjoy this real story about this adventure at our home?


Have you ever had a similar thing happen to you or to someone you know?


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