Springing Ahead, Following Through, and Finishing What You Start

It’s that time again!

Don’t forget to set your clock ahead one hour,

before you go to bed tonight

– if you live in the US and observe Daylight Savings Time!


So, true confession: I have had a chronic case of NOT following through and finishing things (as family members could confirm) … and I’m determined to change that bad habit this year.



Obviously, just because a day, week, month, or  year ends, it doesn’t mean we automatically finish everything we have been doing at the stroke of midnight as the next day/week/month/year starts.  We often have to tie up loose ends, or something may in fact be an ongoing project or a part of our lives that remains.


In this case, though, I’m referring to those projects we have started, or those obligations or commitments we have made, that we need to complete as part of our plan of action.  This concept especially hit home with me when I began working on putting things back in place after we did some major home improvements over the summer of 2012.

In addition to realizing we simply have too much STUFF – I also came across old notebooks listing projects to make or complete, goals to achieve, and other plans to implement or continue – as well as dozens (OK, actually 100+) sewing and craft projects in various stages of completion (from cut out, ready to sew –to nearly done).



Here’s what Joyce Meyer says in New Day New You  on the topic of finishing what we start:


“If you have been tempted recently to give up–-don’t! If you don’t finish the thing you are currently involved in, you will face the same challenges in the next thing you start.


Some people spend all their lives starting new things and never finishing anything. Let us make a decision to be more than people who never reached their full potential.”


I have started so many things – but I do plan to finish them! Now I just need to develop and implement a workable strategy!




So How About YOU?


Do you have things you need to finish, to be successful in 2017?


Do you have other areas of life in which you have started something, but never finished it?



4 thoughts on “Springing Ahead, Following Through, and Finishing What You Start”
  1. I imagine we all have things we have started but not yet finished. I too have notebooks from long ago with some great ideas and prompts in them, I just discovered one today! I don’t know that I have anything to finish to start a new for 2017 but there are things in that notebook that I must implement, and should have implemented when they were written down!

    Enjoy the journey!

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