Sewing Serenity Weekend with K-Lee’s Kreations Presents Pets & Their People

Sewing Saturday & Serenity Sunday

         Just a few of my projects!


Sewing Saturday kind of melded into Serenity Sunday! So it became “Sewing Serenity Weekend.”  🙂

I’m happy to say I’ve  completed  2 of the 3 projects pictured in the group photo above. These 2 quilts are already in their new homes with their happy new owners. 🙂


           Nadine’s quilt for her dad


                     Jodie’s quilt

My new granddaughter Shara’s quilt is very close to completion. Just have the machine quilting left to do.


I still have my granddaughter Lilly’s quilt to work on, along with two blankets (one for Shara, one for new nephew Oliver).


AND many more projects, especially with CHRISTMAS only THREE MONTHS AWAY



So if you’re on Facebook, you know how you get those prompts regarding your own status, such as, “What to share an update?” or “What’s on your mind”

Well, yesterday when Facebook “asked” me what’s on my mind….THIS was — and is: Adding and marketing K-Lee’s Kreations Presents “Pets & Their People” products!!


I think the idea partially came to mind due to a tragic incident suffered by a family member Friday in losing a beloved pet. 🙁  If you want to read my related post for context, it’s here on my other blog: On Grieving the Loss of Pets. Secondly, I’ve been pondering the idea for awhile anyway as the number of items I make featuring pets continues to grow from orders I receive mostly on Etsy.

These are just a small portion of samples of numerous pillows, quilts, wall hangings, and bags I’ve made incorporating imprinted photos of pets by themselves, or pets with their people! 🙂
















So if you’re at all interested, or know someone else who might be, especially for Christmas gifts … please let me know!

You can also check out my Etsy shop   HERE

and my Zibbet shop (focused on just pillows and wall hangings)


I am currently running a 20% off “Fall into Savings” sale! 🙂



Meanwhile, onto the Serenity Sunday side of things… this is what’s playing on the music list at the moment:


Meanwhile, it’s about the same as last Sunday: hubby is in his garden, I’m inside with sleeping fur babies all around me, listening to my peaceful music, AND of course blogging … and then, as soon as I’m done doing my usual promoting of my blog posts, I’ll be visiting other blogs and commenting on them!



So What About YOU?


Did you do anything special on Saturday?


How is your Sunday going?


                                                    3 Baby Gifts











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