Sewing Saturday: Quilts Galore!

Quilts Galore


Sewing Saturday!


                      Just a few projects!  😉


SEW… yeah, it’s SEWING SATURDAY!  🙂  


SEW far, I have finished the purple and yellow quilt.  This one is for a friend whose dad is battling bladder cancer. The ribbon colors for that are yellow, purple, and blue, so those are the colors Nadine wanted in the quilt.


Nadine’s quilt for her dad


The next one that’s nearly done, and will be completed either this evening or tomorrow, is the blue and red quilt. This one is for a friend who lost her dear hubby last year. Michael was also a long-time friend – I knew both Jodie and Michael when they were single!


Jodie’s quilt


Then there’s my granddaughter Lilly’s quilt. She just turned 8 months old a few days ago and it suddenly dawned on me that I never made her quilt! I think that’s partially due to the fact she was born just before Christmas, and it has been so busy since then!!

Beginnings of granddaughter Lilly’s quilt


AND I’m working on my newest granddaughter’s quilt, too. Baby Shara was born last month.

Beginnings of granddaughter Shara’s quilt


And finally, a new one for me! 🙂  I mentioned this one in another post, but the picture of it in one of my quilting magazines just wouldn’t stop calling me, so I finally bought the fabric for it yesterday. 🙂

NEW quilt project that begged to be “kreated”


SEW … I’m having the BEST time this Sewing Saturday! 🙂

So What About YOU?


What have you been doing today?


Did you go anywhere special or work on any projects?



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