September 3 Serenity Sunday

First Sunday in September


It’s Serenity Sunday here on my blog, a day when I focus on peaceful and stress-free living. It may not always be possible, but at least for this one day – which, when I was growing up, was always known as “the Lord’s Day” – it’s usually a bit easier to let other things go and change the focus for awhile.

This is especially important as someone who works from home, because you can’t leave work when your work is at home! But I really endeavor NOT to “work” on Sundays and instead enjoy other activities.


So on YouTube today for peaceful music in the background, I’ve been listening to this, and others like it.


There really does seem to be some healing, or at least soothing quality, listening to music like this while working on other tasks.

Some of those tasks today have included:

Doing the usual household chores

Making brunch for hubby Dave and me

Spending time together catching up on some of the most recent changes in our lives (among them, new jobs for both of us next week!) I’m still also transitioning from 7 1/2 years of working on schoolwork during the weekend and making my Sunday night check-in through the learner portal. Now I’m just over 2 months into NOT having to do that, since successfully defending my doctoral dissertation on June 26!ย  But after so many YEARS of that Sunday routine, I still feel like I’m supposed to check in! ๐Ÿ™‚

Planning for a nice Sunday dinner a bit later (roast beef, potatoes, and broccoli)

SEWING ๐Ÿ™‚ย  Working onย  baby quilts for my two youngest granddaughters. Sewing is really my therapy! I feel myself relaxing and enjoying the energy of creating things, and the soothing rhythmic sounds of the sewing machine.

Watching racing! I was never a race enthusiast until I met Dave about 14 1/2 years ago, in spite of growing up near Loudon, New Hampshire, the home of the race track (NH Motor Speedway) where NASCAR races are held. Now I’ve been to a few races in different divisions, including one NASCAR race back in NH. Today’s schedule includes a few races, with Formula 1 and Indy Car so far, and NASCAR Monster Cup tonight.ย  So we will end the day with “Dinner Theater,” so to speak, as we eat supper while watching the race! ๐Ÿ™‚

So What About YOU?


How is your Sunday going?


Are you enjoying a peaceful day?





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