November 17–> Product Review of MacBook Pro

I am determined to overcome the obstacles that continue to keep me from blogging! It has been a difficult week, as I mentioned in my last post, but I plan to make up a few posts and continue following an ongoing thematic blog posting schedule for November, based on ideas from the Ultra Blog Challenge and the Article Writing Challenge, so I can reach my goal of 30 posts for this month.

This belated post for Monday, November 17th, is a product review of the MacBook Pro, the laptop I’ve had for a few  years.

Working away on my MacBook Pro laptop - along with my fur babies for good company!
Working away on my MacBook Pro laptop – along with my fur babies keeping me company!


I had wanted a laptop for quite awhile, to have the freedom to move around and work wherever I wanted to–and then, out of the blue, a writing client gifted me with this MacBook Pro a few years ago for Christmas!


It took a little while to get used to NOT having a mouse, but instead working with a touch pad. The keys are also much more responsive to touch, so no need to “mash” keys like I had been needing to do on my PC keyboard.


I think my favorite feature, though, is the Retina Display. Text and images alike are super clear and crisp, and with as much time as I spend on my laptop every day, it’s nice to have such a crystal clear display. I can really tell the difference when I look at my hubby’s computer screen, or even my Asus laptop, which I got after receiving the MacBook.


And that is probably the only negative thing I can say about it–for whatever reason, there’s an incompatibility issue between my MacBook and my Epson printer that I use to create my imprinted photo products, such as this one, so I had to have a laptop/computer with Windows:


One imprinted square on a table runner I made.
One imprinted square on a table runner I made.


My MacBook has even survived having a drink dumped onto the keyboard (thanks to a cat walking by on the desk when I was sitting at my hubby’s desk!) AND a dog biting the charging cord and shorting everything out!


For all the technical details, and to compare models and features, go directly to the Apple-MacBook Pro site (NOT an affiliate link!)


MacBook laptop [Source: Ainslie, Dodie. jan7.jpg. January 2010. Pics4Learning]

So what about you? Do you own a MacBook? If not, what type of laptop or computer to you use? What are your favorite features?

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  1. I have used a Mac the grand total of one time in my life although I love my iPhone,and wish I had gotten an iPad instead of a Google Nexus. That retina display would be wonderful for my eyes. It is mainly the cost that has kept me away from Macs. FYI, my Mac owning friends report many issues with printer incompatibility. It isn’t just you.
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