Need Motivation? Read This Book!

I have mentioned Mary Ylisela before, but since UBC post #8 is to review a book, I am choosing her wonderfully inspirational book: Jumpstart Your Day: 101 Daily Motivations for Freelancers.

As a published author and motivational coach, Mary has the unique ability to combine inspiration and motivation with practical advice, all designed to increase your self-confidence as you also make progress in your freelance or small business endeavors. From her book’s description at

This book “is intended to inspire, motivate and assist those who make their living as freelancers, entrepreneurs, business owners or work-at-home individuals as well as those who are considering tossing their hat into the arena. Meant to be read in short, daily sections, Jumpstart Your Day provides freelancers with insights into their most common challenges as well as motivation and ideas to work through them. Start the day off with a mindset and attitude that encourages success by reading each daily entry intended to provoke thought, provide alternatives and motivate the reader toward action.”

I am enjoying THIS book so much, I can’t wait to read the next one in the series!

Another resource Mary offers is a paid-membership forum, Jumpstart Your Day, where you can interact personally with Mary, as well as other members. In addition, Mary offers printable PDF materials that are valuable resources to add to your business “shelf” of advice and solutions! From personal experience, I can tell you it’s worth the reasonable price Mary requests. Check it out – the book and the forum – you won’t be disappointed with either!

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