My One and Only Political Post – Don’t Say Words You Will Regret Later!

Don’t say words you will regret later!!

ESPECIALLY for the sake of politics!


With things heating up since the debate and as we approach voting in November, I thought I would share my one and only political post, which I originally shared on Facebook. I just don’t like politics or what it does to families and friends. I seldom participate in political discussions because they usually get heated and I just don’t like confrontation, ESPECIALLY over politics. 🙁


The political circus has once again turned family members and friends against each other, and caused them to say horrible things to and about one another simply for having different opinions and perspectives on candidates and issues. Mean-spirited comments have become the norm.


It’s hard to believe someone would ever call a family member or friend an idiot (or worse) under normal circumstances, yet it seems some how acceptable when it comes to politics and voting time.


I’ve read multiple statements to that effect even from people I know.  All around Facebook especially, many people’s family members commenting to/about other family members and friends to/about friends–making sweeping general pronouncements: “Anyone who votes for _____ is an idiot” or “If you believe _____ , you’re an idiot” –  or various other colorful or outright nasty words and phrases.


So apparently I’m an idiot according to some people out there, notoriously around Facebook. (Although technically, I assure you I am NOT an idiot, as I will soon join ranks with the top 2 – 3% of people in the US who earn doctorate degrees!)


I’ve also seen people on Facebook make the blanket statement that it’s a good thing NONE of the people on their “friends” list support _____ –  or if they DO support _____, to “unfriend” themselves immediately, or get unfriended or blocked!!


Really? Over POLITICS??


My preferences and opinions are bound to differ from someone else’s, especially from those who are very vocal about their own, and who believe everyone should hold the same opinions and beliefs they hold. On one of my rare interactions on a political thread on Facebook, after posting a link to an actual recorded interview (which had been shared on numerous major news outlets), someone told me it was inaccurate and not true, and I should stop sharing it–because it was different than this person’s own perspective or belief about the candidate.


It’s frustrating when you can’t reason with someone who seems figuratively blind and deaf, and out of touch with reality, even when provided with proven facts.  Many people won’t even consider alternative viewpoints without  resorting to name-calling, manipulation, bullying, and other negative behaviors. Then again, I have to wonder if ANY of the news we hear is truly unbiased and 100% accurate!


It’s sad, hurtful, and even pathetic to think we can’t have civil discussions and debates without turning on one another, throwing out common decency, and wounding one another with such vicious and even vile comments, all because we can’t agree to disagree…about politics! In my opinion, it’s just not worth damaging relationships over politics.


Sometimes, the best move is to disengage and walk away, physically or virtually, when people continue to behave in toxic or trolling behavior just to fuel the fire. Nobody needs that kind of negativity from anyone who is acting like a storm cloud  raining down stinging pellets, heated bolts, and boisterous noise.


We are all going to have to live with the outcome of the elections, for good or bad, whether “our” candidate wins or loses.

What then? Will civility return?

Will apologies be made for the confrontations and hateful comments?

As one of my fellow bloggers, Alana, stated upon reading my “one and only political post” on Facebook:


May we all be friends again the day after Election Day.”



So what about YOU?

Do you actively engage in political discussions or do you tend to shy away?

Do you think this particular election is more volatile, and evokes more confrontation, than in past elections?





8 thoughts on “My One and Only Political Post – Don’t Say Words You Will Regret Later!”
  1. Great post, K Lee. I feel the same way. I hate discussing politics. My husband asked if I wanted to invite our best friends over to watch the first debate. My answer of no shocked him. He and I feel 180 out, but we can keep quiet while we listen to the debates. My friend’s husband can’t. I enjoyed the debate tonight until the pundits started talking as soon as it finished. They interpreted the events of the night completely differently than I did. It’s kind of a shock how that can happen – that my perceptions – not just my opinions – would be so opposed to theirs. Great post.

  2. Oh! my!! This is so true and very well written. I certainly stay out of political discussions. I have no ill feelings for anybody who supports their candidate, as I feel it is their right to support and vote for who they feel is the best.
    On the other hand, I can’t wait for this to be over!! I’m so tired of the vicious comments, even from the candidates themselves.

  3. I do make or share an occasional political post on Facebook and in social media, but I try to remain civil. If I really think someone is over the top I just keep quiet. Fortunately, most of my family members are civil when we disagree, but we usually don’t disagree too much. If we do, we try to persuade with reason rather than resorting to name-calling. Most people understand that you don’t persuade someone to a different opinion by insults and character assassination.

    1. I see no problem with expressing an opinion on political matters – my own or the exact opposite – but agree it should be done civilly and without calling into question the intelligence or patriotism of those who don’t agree! Be as persuasive as you wish, but be respectful of your reader/listener, as well.

  4. Hi K. Lee, I have participated online in healthy political conversations. None that said anything negative about either candidate. That is all I can tolerate. I have been surprised at some of the comments coming from people I have long admired online. Shocking to say the least. I believe it is silly to unfriend a person for not voting for the same person you are. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Hi Karen,

    First time on your blog and looking forward to reading more. I have always been very non-political buy have worked at the heart of politics. I have worked to scrutinise policy and strategy of local Government. I honestly believe it would be almost impossible to do this impartially and independently if I had a particular view point.

    In fact when I was younger I found it really heard to get involved in school debates because I could never take one view over the other. I could always see both sides.

    Today – I am more able to take sides but not to the point where I would express that my opinion was more worthy than another. I dislike the way politics is portrayed in the media and how it makes us react to one another.

    Let’s be respectful of one another.

    Beth 🙂

  6. For the most part, I have stayed away from political posts on social media though I still may write a blog about it.

    I do think this election is more volatile than previous ones. This is partially a function of the candidates but also a function of social media. Information, true or rumored, is at our fingertips and in our space all day 24/7.

  7. Hi K. Lee. This is my first time I’ve been to your blog. I am someone who enjoys political discussions, but I don’t call people names. I’ve been called a moron, idiot, bigot and more, though.

    It really bugs me that people think it’s acceptable to call people names because they haven’t formed the same opinions. I’m not stupid either. I have two college degrees, and I have formed my values, morals and opinions for many, many years.

    Name-calling is designed to shut people up and marginalize their opinions. I even had someone tell me that liberal thinking is the only right way to think. So you say. But I’m not a snowflake. I believe what my mother taught me about sticks and stones.

    Great post!

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