My Bucket List: Short-Term and Long-Term

So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share our Bucket List–you know, those things we hope to do before our time on earth is over. I have been pondering this idea since I first read the email suggestion for today, and have come up with a few things on both a short-term and long-term basis.



My Short-Term Bucket List Goals

*REALLY de-clutter our home! I mean, fully, completely, de-clutter, reorganize, and reduce the related stress that accompanies a cluttered living space! That alone should help with one of my long-term goals! Check out this related article:Β  The Link Between Clutter and Depression.


*Become Dr. Karen Lee Banks! That’s within reach… hopefully within the next couple of months! It has been a long journey of over 7 years (since November 2009), but I’m almost there!


*Obtain a long-term high-paying freelance position! I would like one that uses my degree, knowledge, and experience, preferably within the instructional design/curriculum development field.


*Adopt another puppy–or two! Yes, we already have 2 – and 8 cats – but we seem to have a heart for adopting rescue animals, and it seems like time for the next rescue pup. We’re thinking of a German shepherd or Husky. Maybe both…


*Continue with lifelong learning! Other areas of interest I would like to pursue are: 1) grant writing, as another niche area I could develop and use for educational purposes to help especially non-profit educational organizations obtain funds; and 2) life coaching, to add to my current skill sets and offerings (also coincides with my original plans from way back in my early 20s, when I earned my degree in psychology and hoped to become a counselor some day!)


*Learn some new crafting/sewing skills! One I’ve waited on for awhile–even have the supplies and tools to get started–is the old-fashioned rug hooking with a hoop, fabric, and pieces of wool, along with the punch tool.

Another is to increase my basic crocheting stitches to more complicated ones, and on to more complex projects.

A third is to learn to use the embroidery machine I’ve had for a few years, yet it has sat alone, sadly neglected all this time. πŸ™Β  It would be nice to add embroidered touches to various projects and now to THREE granddaughters’ clothing! πŸ™‚

A fourth is to begin using my AccuQuilt Fabric Cutter!Β  It’s supposed to cut fabric into various specific sizes using dyes–making the cutting job quicker and easier. Sounds like a good idea and why I haven’t used it yet, I don’t know!

A fifth, for now, is to master my Flynn machine quilting system so I can start machine quilting my own projects, instead of just hand-tying them.

*Go back to Punta Cana with my hubby! We were there in November 2013 for my middle daughter’s wedding. We went to the Excellence Resort and it was truly excellent, and would be worth the return trip as a delayed honeymoon for us that we never had back in 2006 when we got married!



My Long-Term Bucket List Goals


Here I’m thinking 5 years and beyond.


*Buy a house in and move to New Hampshire! That’s my home state, and the one where my two youngest daughters and their families live (including my three granddaughters!) I have two siblings, extended family, and friends who also live in NH, and my parents are buried in the Veterans Cemetery there, so it really is a heart desire to move back there. I’d love to see this one in the short-term list… but we’ll see and God only knows!


*Pay off all debts–even the mortgage! I’d also like to put this in the short-term list, but we’ll see. That depends on a lot of factors, including my opportunity to fulfill that third short-term goal — or to hit an unrealistic goal of winning any of the big money payouts (lottery, sweepstakes, etc.)!


If THAT happened, the related Bucket List goal would be to not only pay off our debts and mortgage–but to do the same for my kids and their families, and for other loved ones in need. In addition, we have discussed how much we would love to have a big house, a lot of land, and run our own rescue for mostly abandoned or “death list” dogs and cats rescued from high kill facilities (I refuse to call them “shelters,” because they are NOT deserving of a word that means ” “). πŸ™


*Travel to see wonders of the world and other fascinating places! This is something my hubby Dave would especially enjoy. He has taught me a lot about places I never even knew existed, like the Coral Castle, Easter Island, Puma Punku, Stonehenge, Machu Pichu, and of course the ancient pyramids, the Sphinx, and other wonders of the world.


*Live to a ripe old age and bless as many people as possible along the way! I endeavor to be a blessing NOW… but as I’m approaching 59 in a couple months, I know I’d like to live at least another 41 (yeah, make it to 100!)


So what about YOU?

Do you have some Bucket List ideas?

Are there some things you know for sure you want to accomplish while you have the time and ability to do so?


Need some ideas? I happened to come across this blogger’s excellent list of 101 Things to Do Before You Die!


6 thoughts on “My Bucket List: Short-Term and Long-Term”
  1. I enjoyed reading your list. Good luck on your journey to the title of doctor. This seemed to be your closest item. I would like to visit New Hampshire and the other New England states. I hear it’s beautiful there. I would like to get on a paddle board and paddle a kayak.
    Rose recently posted..January Ipsy Bag review

  2. Inspiring post! I love how you have short-term and long-term goals written out brilliant stuff. I’ve definitely got crafting skills on my goal list too! πŸ™‚

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