Motivational Monday: Making Changes for the Sake of Health and Well Being

Sometimes You Have to Change

For YOUR Sake!



Welcome back to my blog for this second week of April!

So as in the quote above, my “small steps” to get back into blogging regularly are to write more than one per week (as I only got one written last week).  Perhaps my goal will be to write one every other day.

Another “small step” is to modify and re-publish some old posts to help myself a little to get more done. So here is one that is especially relevant for me, as some new health diagnoses in March have required making some significant changes in my lifestyle. I have had to change my diet to lower sugar, carbohydrate, and sodium intake, and get more consistent exercise to lose weight. I am also standing most of the day with my “stand up” desk! My hubby added a shelf over the top of my treadmill, so I have my laptop there to do my work, blogging, and other online tasks.

The concept of making changes goes to the core of our being: the desire to change something about ourselves as well as our circumstances. Considering nobody in the world is perfect, if we’re all honest with ourselves and others, there is always something we can do to improve ourselves and our circumstances — IF we are willing to do so!


It might be as simple as changing up things in our daily routines, as the quote above suggests. From there, it might progress to some deeper introspection while pondering this next quote.



Introspection–taking time to examine our own thoughts, feelings, and to look into our own souls–is often a cathartic experience. Taking the time to do so may help us discover underlying thought processes and deeper feelings we didn’t know existed. We may gain a greater understanding of ourselves, of choices we have made, and of the divine purpose for our lives.


So much of change begins with our willingness to change our mindsets, change our attitudes, and even change our thought processes or what we allow ourselves to dwell on.

Once we make those internal changes, those should naturally progress to allowing us to make visible changes externally. This should be in our own lives, in areas we can make changes, without imposing our will over someone else.



So what about YOU?


Are you eagerly looking forward to making some changes in your life in this new year?


Do you know of areas right now that you could change, or will you need a time of introspection to determine what those areas are – and if you are willing and able to change them?




33 thoughts on “Motivational Monday: Making Changes for the Sake of Health and Well Being”
  1. I love posts like these that allow me to reflect in my own life! For me sometimes its all about retrospect but it depends on the situation!

  2. Yes.. I am changing things .. working on “Me” for a change. I’m about to apply to Getty Images to see if I can promote my art images on their website , we shall see …. Wonderful to see you .. much love to you 🙂

  3. im a huge believer in posts like this to keep monday a bit more sane ha and to just enough some great quotes that i need! great post!

  4. Definitely need changes in my life. Need to eliminate sugar and gluten due to chronic pain. Also start exercising a little. Good luck on your journey.

  5. That first quote stopped me in my tracks! I’m going through a lot of changes right now – happily – and brought about because I finally made the choice to and it’s a great feeling.

  6. I have started to change things slowly daily and I notice that if you do it enough it will become habit and you can make changes for the sake of your health!

  7. I am working on making some changes. I started doing 5 minutes of yoga a day in the morning. I need to really stretch and get my body moving.

  8. Holiii !!
    I liked your post. I have added changes in my life, quite significant to go on the right track. Start eating healthy, is undoubtedly the most drastic.
    It took me a while to get used to it, but now I have it better.
    Good day!!

  9. I love everything about this post! Health is so important and everyone could probably use a little motivation! Thank you for this post! I love it!

  10. It’s wonderful that you are taking small steps towards your goals. Trying to make huge shifts all at once can be hard to maintain. Looking forward to seeing more of your content as you increase your postings.

  11. I so easily fall into routine that it’s important to remind myself to change things up. Thank you for this reminder!

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