May Do-Over: Moving On to Prioritizing Priorities

Hello and welcome (or welcome back) to my blog, where we’re moving on now to the next set of posts within my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose.

This post that was scheduled for yesterday is the first one within the “Prizing Prioritizing” concept, on the topic of:

*Prioritizing our priorities.*

During the couple of days away from blogging, I’ve been implementing some of what I will be blogging about next, as in working on priorities…or perhaps, more accurately, prioritizing my priorities!

The dictionary definition of priority is “Precedence, especially established by order of importance or urgency; something afforded or deserving prior attention; something given specified attention.”

This also means that even priorities need to be prioritized, because some are more deserving of “specified” attention than others. In my life, my priorities are God first, and then the special people in my life: hubby; family; friends; and others such as colleagues, classmates, and quilters!

After people, my next set of priorities includes work, education, and leisure; the difficulty has been in how I should organize or prioritize those three, as the “importance or urgency” changes from day to day.  The most crucial thing, I think, is that things should not take precedence over people, who are much more deserving of attention.

Taking a cue from the real estate mantra of “Location-Location-Location” — I’m thinking a good one for freelancers who work from home is “Prioritize-Prioritize-Prioritize” because we need to clearly define boundaries between our personal lives and our work. This is especially difficult since our work is also where we live. Sometimes it takes an unpleasant event to let us know that our priorities are out of order or off balance.

For instance, if your spouse or significant other, or your children, or other important people in your life, start letting you know they miss you and wonder if/when you will ever have time for them…there’s a good chance things are out of balance.

How about you? Do you ever find yourself and your schedule out of balance?

Next post: Balancing Our Priorities!


5 thoughts on “May Do-Over: Moving On to Prioritizing Priorities”
  1. I find myself having to remind myself more to focus on “life” than to focus on work; I automatically focus on work then realize I’m not enjoying the things I should be. After all, the whole reason I am a writer is to spend time at home with my pups and to have the freedom to travel, so if I don’t do those two things, what is it worth, really?

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