Let’s Stop the Hate and Allow Others to Be Different

Let’s stop the hate!! I don’t usually become embroiled in political or other controversial issues, but some of the events taking place in the aftermath of the election really alarm me.



There definitely seems to be a double standard in operation right now.


Those upset by Trump’s win and Hillary’s loss apparently are free to say and do whatever they want, including labeling and cursing at those (even family and friends) who voted for Trump or third party candidates, and engaging in violent protests and vandalism that include desecrating the American flag.


Yet those who voted for Trump or third party candidates are apparently NOT free to express any positive feelings or even admit they voted for anyone other than Hillary, out of fear of some kind of attack, including being labeled as “f****** uneducated morons” “misogynists” “racist” “homophobic” and many other vile names that certainly don’t apply to the vast majority (but of course, there’s likely to be some in every crowd, on both sides of the political fence).


The irony is many of those who preached tolerance and “love trumps hate” are now engaging in extremely intolerant and hateful speech and actions toward Trump supporters.


Likewise, some of those supporting Trump have some how determined it’s acceptable to commit hate crimes against Hillary supporters and various groups of people.


Neither group’s behavior is acceptable and certainly doesn’t represent the majority of people on either side of the political fence.


Let’s stop the hate!!

Even Hillary in her concession speech stated she had offered to work with President-Elect Trump, and President Obama in his post-election day speech stated he had invited President-Elect Trump to the White House the next day (which took place already) to prepare for a smooth transition.


Both Hillary and Obama essentially told everyone to get along, accept the result, support the new presidential team, and go about our daily lives for the good of the country–NOT continue to attack one another and engage in violent, anti-American behavior.


The majority of those who did not vote for Obama either time, to my recollection, accepted 8 years of his presidency and didn’t engage in such personal attacks, protests, and riots the way many anti-Trump folks are now doing. Those American citizens who did not vote for Obama, Bill Clinton, or whoever, also never started a “not my president” movement.


As long as we are living legally in America, we are Americans, and whoever is president, is OUR president, whether or not we like him personally or agree with his policies and actions.


It seems like those people engaged in these behaviors are doing more harm than good in the names of Hillary and Obama, and are tarnishing their respective legacies.


Violence is never the answer. Unkind words are never the answer. Nobody deserves to be treated badly just because they have differences of opinion, look different, or live differently. Nobody deserves to live in fear.


Let’s stop the hate and allow each other to hold different beliefs and to be different!!




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