Freedom from Fear – Free to Be Ourselves

Free to Be…

You and Me!


Have you given any thought to what personal freedom means? Or how often something as “simple” as feelings (our own or the feelings and opinions of others) prevent us from enjoying freedom?

We often need to gain freedom from fear, freedom from worry and anxiety, freedom from caring what others think, and freedom to follow God’s plan for our lives–before we can truly be free to be ourselves.



This quote seems especially relevant…


“Fear seems to be an epidemic in our society.


Are you afraid of anything?


Is it rejection, failure, the past, the future, loneliness, driving, aging, the dark, heights, life, or death?


The list of fears that people experience can be endless.


You can trade in pain and paralysis for power and excitement. Don’t allow feelings of any kind to dominate you, but instead remember that God says, ‘Fear not.’


We must be determined that we will obey Him in this area. Fear may present itself as a feeling, but if we refuse to bow down to it, that is all it is…a feeling!”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional”




So What About YOU?


What does freedom mean to you?


Have you allowed fear to hold you back?







3 thoughts on “Freedom from Fear – Free to Be Ourselves”
  1. First of all, I still have that book, “Free to be you and me.” I can see it on my bookshelf from where I sit!

    I definitely fear rejection and failure and have to work through that when it happens. (I am a people pleaser and have to watch for that.)

    I fear being more open than I am in my writing. I am on the fence about how much personal stuff to share in my blog.

  2. True. God advices us to be free of fear, and yet that is the one thing we don’t obey!
    There are a few things I fear, and things not working out is one of them. However, I am working on it..I keep thinking of a Plan B which I might have to follow if Plan A does not work out. There is no point being scared about “what if?”, isn’t it?
    Of course, there are times when all this logic flies out of the window! Need to work on that! 🙂

  3. For me freedom is to be fearless. When we are free from fear, we are also free from worry and anxiety. When we are fearless, we understand that when others are judging us is because at some level there are judging themselves. When we are fearless we do not take personally any judgment or reactions of others.
    Becoming fearless is a journey, I have overcome many fears; however there are still other fears for me to overcome.
    Yudith recently posted..Roadmap to Dissolve your Lack of Confidence and Become Fearless

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