Focus Forward Not Backward to Pursue Your Purpose

You have to focus FORWARD,

not backward,

in order to pursue your purpose!


This was the final regular post in my series on Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose – it seems timely to share it again as we progress into our second month of 2017.


If you’re interested, you can catch the very first post in the series here: Procrastination, Priorities, Purpose – Part 1 – Defining Procrastination.


*Focusing Forward Not Backward*


How many times do we regret past decisions, actions…or really, anything negative about our past, for that matter? And then allow those regrets to make us miserable now, and to stop us from pursuing and fulfilling our purpose?


It’s as if we’re walking forward, but looking over our shoulders – or perhaps we’re even walking forward, but totally facing backward! How can we focus forward, focus on our present and our future, if all our energies are instead focused on the past?


When we become discouraged, we could benefit from making some positive affirmations – and truly believe them and act on them, to help us change our mindset.  This in turn will help us change our thoughts, our words, and our lives, as we pursue our purpose in life.





So what’s the last step (in this series, at least) in pursuing your purpose? Focus forward and not backward in your journey to prevent procrastination, prioritize priorities, and pursue purpose.


So What About YOU?

Do these concepts and quotes resonate with you? Can you relate?

Are you prepared to move forward and stop looking behind you?



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