Finally Friday AND Starting September!



                             Recently completed quilt


Not only is it Finally Friday again – it’s also September 1st! 🙂

I had an unplanned week off from blogging – partly related to the incident I mentioned in my last post about falling and injuring my ring finger on my right hand. I still had to power through the pain and complete a project, and now that it’s DONE (thank God!), I can focus on blogging again.


Here’s a brief summary of my Friday:

  I started the day – or ended yesterday, depending on how you look at it – by staying up until 4am to finish the final chapter of assessment questions for one of my current clients.  I also submitted my invoice so I can get PAID (yay!) Now that the project is FINALLY done, I can move onto other new work opportunities next week.

After getting about 4 hours of sleep, I worked on some more sewing projects (currently a couple baby quilts for my two newest granddaughters!) while hubby Dave made a minor repair on the car (fixing a broken mounting bracket for the exhaust pipe).

Then, I set off on my errands – same story as last week…  😉  We only have one car, which Dave uses all week, so Fridays and Saturdays are usually my days to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!!  🙂  That is going to change NEXT week, however, as Dave is starting a NEW job next Tuesday. Actually, he’s returning to his former employer – he only left there 3 1/2 years ago because they could only offer him 24 hours/week when work slowed down  – now they have some new business going and need him back full-time! So he will be back to working five 8-hour days, which will be much easier on him physically and mentally.

Driving along, singing a song… [Source: morgueFile free photos]

I once again had to stop by the post office, to see if one of my checks for my freelance work had arrived – but it wasn’t there  🙁  … then onto two other stops.


First of all, I stopped by our vet’s office to pick up the prescription food all our cats now eat. One of our boy cats developed a urinary blockage that nearly killed him last summer 🙁   but by the grace of God and the skillful emergency vet performing surgery on him, Smokey survived. BUT, he now has to eat special food to prevent that from happening again, and it’s just easier to have ALL of the cats eating the same food. They’re all healthier because of it, so it’s worth it to us!


Our handsome Smokey boy!


Then I made my way to do grocery shopping at Hannaford Supermarket (New England chain of grocery stores that was founded in Portland, Maine).


After I got home, I caught up on some household stuff, did more sewing, and then it was supper time and all the usual things that go with that.


I skipped doing the dishes so I could package up another quilt for shipping tomorrow, PLUS I wrapped gifts and prepared the package to send along to my son and daughter-in-law and newest granddaughter who was born on July 25th.


Finally, I worked on the two baby quilts some more and now here I am! 🙂



So that has been MY Friday! 🙂

So What About YOURS?


Did you do anything special today?


Do you have special plans for this Labor Day weekend?



                                             Cotton candy clouds!



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