Finally Friday and First Day of Fall!

Fall Friday!

                    Fall foliage around our house – Fall 2016


It’s finally Friday – AND the first day of FALL, my favorite season! Living in New England, first in New Hampshire and now in Maine, I never get tired of seeing the fall foliage. I also enjoy the cooler temperatures, which are a wonderful respite after summer’s humidity.

Borrowing a blurb from my other blog:

New seasons frequently inspire people to consider making changes–break bad habits, establish new good habits, re-evaluate choices, reflect on the good and the bad, and learn from all of those things in an effort to turn our lives around from any negative influences and move forward into healthier, happier lifestyles that include pursuing our dreams we may have put off for any number of reasons.

I have many of those dreams…and I hope to use this new season, in anticipation of the holidays and end of 2017, to move closer to moving toward those dreams.



But for now, since it’s the first day of FALL … I thought I’d share a few foliage pictures to start the season (from last year – not quite there yet this year!)


            Our “blazing” tree in the center of our back yard!



                                          Fall foliage near our home (2016)



                 Fall foliage around our yard (2016)


            Fall foliage along a field near our home (2016)



So What About YOU?


What is your favorite season?


Do you see a new season as a “fresh start” opportunity?










7 thoughts on “Finally Friday and First Day of Fall!”
  1. I definitely enjoying living in a place that sees four distinct seasons. I love spring the most, but fall has its perks too! I agree with you that new seasons can signal us to big changes that we want to make in our lives. For me, it’s the beginning of a new school year teaching kindergarten, so I think about how to tweak what I already do.
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  2. I wish it felt like fall at home. I can tell with the dip in temperatures at night but it’s still pretty hot during the day. I wish we also got some true fall foliage. Jealous of others who do!

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