Fall is Approaching

Fall…a new season approaching. Fall is my favorite season–not for the inevitable winter season that follows here in Maine–but because fall signals the eventual dissipation of summer’s humidity, with its cooler, crisp weather, and the opportunity to wear comfy sweaters and sweatshirts with leisure pants or jeans (instead of tank tops and shorts, yet still unable to get cool enough — I don’t do well in humidity!)

The beauty of fall here is another reason I love the season.


Our house nestled among the fall foliage.
          Our house nestled among the fall foliage.


This month of September also holds a couple of special events: my oldest granddaughter’s 4th birthday and my youngest daughter’s birthday (mommy of my granddaughters!) 🙂 It doesn’t seem possible that my “baby” (who will turn 27 in 10 days) was the first one to get married and have babies–2 daughters now and another on the way–and now her first baby is 4 years old already! Ah, yes…the circle of life.


Delicious autumn! 

My very soul is wedded to it,

and if I were a bird

I would fly about the earth

seeking the successive autumns. 

~George Eliot


What about you?

Do you like the fall season? Why or why not? What is your favorite season?

Do you have any special occasions or events occurring this month?



3 thoughts on “Fall is Approaching”
  1. Hi K. Lee.
    I’m back after an unplanned hiatus with blogging! Once I stopped, I just couldn’t get back into it. Yours is the first blog i read. 🙂
    I prefer summer and all the heat but remember I lived in tropical countries for much of my adult life. Fall is beautiful though so I welcome the beauty of the days!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  2. The only reason why fall isn’t my favorite season is because of what follows. But I love crisp days with clear blue skies, apples, pumpkin spice, Fall decorations with cornstalks and scarecrows, and the turning leaves. What I don’t like is the end of my flower garden and fresh herbs/tomatoes.

  3. I think every season is my favorite because it’s the beginning of a change in the climate, the clothes we wear and the foods we eat. There’s something exciting about anticipating change. Brenda

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