Evaluate Your Strengths – Gain Confidence in Your Abilities

It’s Time…



That’s right, it’s time — we’re closing in on the end of the second month of 2017 already, so if you haven’t done this already… it’s time to evaluate your strengths and to gain confidence in your God-given abilities…even if it means sometimes stretching outside your comfort zone. You can usually do this IF you do in fact have confidence in yourself and know your strengths.




Along with myself, many of my fellow freelancers are going through some stretching these days, because of ups and downs with different clients. In God’s infinite wisdom and timing of events – it amazes me when one of my devotional readings addresses this very topic.


I frequently mention Joyce Meyer, as she’s one of my favorite motivational/inspirational speakers and Bible teachers. I had the privilege of attending a couple of her seminars many years ago and meeting her in person.  So from Joyce Meyer’s “The Confident Woman Devotional” (of course, guys can benefit from this, as well!), I wanted to share this bit of wisdom:


“An important thing in gaining confidence is that you must absolutely know your strengths. What are you good at? Do you even know? Have you seriously thought about it or have you been so busy thinking about what you are NOT good at, that you have not even noticed your abilities?


Make a list of what you are good at and read it out loud to yourself at least three times a day until you gain confidence in your abilities. Make positive affirmations to yourself every day about your qualities. Thinking about what you’re good at is not conceited; it is preparation to do your job with confidence.”






Obviously, there’s nothing “magical” about positive affirmations – yet positive self-talk certainly is better than negative self-talk, and you may just discover you feel better about yourself and feel your confidence growing!





So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Have you taken time to really think about, evaluate, and write down your strengths?


Do you feel confident in your abilities?





7 thoughts on “Evaluate Your Strengths – Gain Confidence in Your Abilities”
  1. I love this! I’m great at helping people focus on their strengths and build their confidence. I can’t say I’m as good at that for myself. This is a great reminder and guide to help me do that!
    Thank you for posting this!

  2. Thanks, Karen. I’ve helped my children focus on their strengths and my friends too, if they seem like they need a boost. As for me, sometimes i have to talk myself into doing things, that self-talk that says YES YOU CAN. I believe in it. Beth

  3. I love this! What a great reminder. I feel that especially as women we can be so hard on ourselves. I just started my blog last month, and through the whole journey of deciding to do it, to building it, and launching it, I faced so much self doubt! It can be hard to focus on our strengths instead of on our weaknesses. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. Many years ago, I discovered the book “What Color is Your Parachute”. Well worth reading and rereading (it is revised every year – its author is in his 80’s now, so inspiring!). I’ve done the self discovery exercises several times during my lifetime, and they are well worth doing.
    Alana recently posted..How Winter Used to Be

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