D is for DOGS – Our Two Pups Desi and Zoe – Day 5 #atozblogchallenge

D is for DOGS…

Our Two Pups!


Welcome to “D” day of the of the A to Z Blog Challenge!


Today’s topic is

D is for DOGS!


As I told you in yesterday’s post about our cats, my hubby Dave and I love our “fur babies. ” They are wonderful companions especially when I work from home and I don’t get much chance to socialize “out there” in the real world.


We lost our beloved canine companion, Kita, back in December 2012. I had her since she was a puppy of only a few months old, and at 12 1/2 years old, she was suffering from some age-related maladies and mast cell cancer. We finally had to do the merciful thing and let her go. I wrote my tribute to her in –> this post.


                                                          Our beloved Kita


About a month later, our hearts were aching for another canine companion, so we visited our local humane society that had a new intake of rescued dogs from high kill facilities in southern states. My heart was still broken over losing my Kita girl, and I couldn’t even look at any more black labs at that moment.  Dave was drawn to a litter of Plott hounds, especially one with beautiful brindle markings. She was likewise drawn to Dave and there was an instant bond. We named her Desiree Clementine Banks — so she shared Dave’s initials (David Clement Banks) — but her shortened name is just Desi! 🙂


                                         Desi and Dave snuggling


And NOW look how big she is!


Desi sitting up like a person next to Dave!


About a year and a half later, my heart ached for another black lab. We were able to work with a local pet rescuer who helped with the logistics of saving and transporting a beautiful little black lab/whippet mix pup who was on the “kill” list THAT afternoon in a southern facility (I refuse to call them SHELTERS).

We named her Zoe, meaning LIFE. Here she is, the night we met with our contact and brought Zoe home!


                              Me with my pup Zoe!


So now we have his and hers pups! 🙂


So What About YOU?


Do you like dogs, or have your own dogs?


Have you ever helped rescue dogs or other animals from ‘kill’ facilities, just in time?


                      Desi and Zoe


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