Belated Happy June 1st–A New Month of Blogging

Yes, June is here, 10 days in already. Since I was still playing catch-up from May, though, I wasn’t able to jump right into posts for June. But NOW…I have a blog plan – although I recognize that is NOT a guarantee, considering I already have 10 posts to make up! 😉


However, after getting 31 posts done for May (even though some were written in June), I feel like I finally have the momentum going to get 30 posts done for June! And like this says, even though I’ve stumbled, I’m regaining my balance, and have no plans to give up.

In fact, as I mentioned in my last post, Mission Accomplished-What to Expect in June, I am a member of a Facebook group engaged in Article Writing Challenges each month. The group is flourishing under  the guidance of Bonnie Gean, article writing coach and encourager of entrepreneurs! 🙂

For this month, we’re doing a first-time “Variety Challenge” – so here is what you can expect for a posting schedule:

Monday: Product Review
Tuesday: Top 10 List
Wednesday: Guest Blog Post
Thursday: Infographic
Friday: Three Things I Completed Today
Saturday: Step-by-Step Tutorial
Sunday: Video Blog

AND since June 1st was a Sunday, that means this make-up post for June 1st needs a video. This is probably one of my favorite music videos, because it features a song that makes me think of both of my parents, who are no longer with us (we lost Dad in 2002 to lymphoma and Mom in 2011 to lung cancer). I believe this song was featured at one or both of their memorial services as well.




It’s hard to believe they’re both gone, yet their legacy continues in the lives of all of us who loved them.


How about you? Did this music video touch you? Have you lost loved ones and wish you could go visit them for awhile?


Coming up next: Product Review on Norwex!

5 thoughts on “Belated Happy June 1st–A New Month of Blogging”
  1. That’s a really lovely song, Karen! I never heard it before today and it makes me a little sad because I miss both of my parents.

    I lost my mom when I was 26 (that was 28 years ago) and I lost my dad 8 years ago… I wish I could visit them too.

    Good luck with catching up on the challenge! I know you can do it! 🙂
    Bonnie Gean recently posted..Why I Think You Should Consider Easy Sketch Pro

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