Back on Track: Reviewing Series

So here it is, September 5th–I had the “end of the month” rush to complete as much work as possible in August for my monthly payout that happens between the 7th and 9th of each following month–so next week, I’m looking forward to that income!


I thought I should review my series for those who have been following it, which could also serve as an introduction for those readers perhaps visiting for the first time.

  • On August 1st, I introduced the series by the initial title of Preventing Procrastination and Pursuing Purpose.
  • Between August 2nd and 12th, I wrote several posts about procrastination, including finding out it is still an area that presents a challenge for me (sharing so others can learn from my struggles!)
  • On August 13th, I wrote my Special Announcement post about taking some time off to take care of some things that had been victims of procrastination on my part – and announced the addition of Prizing Prioritizing into the lineup for the series (so the new official title is Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose).
  • On August 17th, I wrote two posts to kick off the priorities portion of the series, about Prioritizing Our Priorities and Balancing Our Priorities.
  • On August 27th, I discussed Establishing Priorities and included a nice list of ways to do that along with managing time more effectively, courtesy of a helpful article I had read.

Then, as I mentioned, I had to spend the last few days of August wrapping up freelance work for the month.

So the NEXT post will be: Tackling Priorities. Then we’ll move on to discussing the final third of the series: Pursuing Purpose.

I’m also planning, at the suggestion of some readers and more experienced bloggers, to compile the whole series (this one and the previous one) into PDFs and make them available to anyone who is interested.


You can awaken each day to obligations you never chose –

or you can decide now to choose them.

~Robert Brault,


So how are you doing so far in this new month? Are you learning to balance and establish priorities?



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