3 Things Thursday: Alt Text Writing, Blogging, and Christmas Crafting!

Concentrating on three major tasks this Thursday!


3 Things Thursday


It’s Three Things Thursday once again and time to share three things I am working on today! 🙂



In case you aren’t familiar with it, alternative text, or alt text, is the phrase or sentence (or multiple sentences) attached to an image online to comply with accessible web design, but also to help those with visual impairments understand what images are about when they can’t see them. A screen reader will search for alt text and reads it if it’s there; otherwise, the screen reader will skip the image.

In my full-time remote job as a senior editor, my current project is to review batches of lessons for a client who has created dozens of courses for a new online curriculum. In order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility requirements, the editing team is now reviewing THOUSANDS  of images within these courses. We either write new alt text or review what has already been entered by course writers or freelance writers to make sure it follows established alt text best practices.

For instance, if you hover over an image online, or double/right click and look at the image info, you should see an alt text tag applied to it (or it might say in the image info, associated text).

Here’s some information from Moz.com about the importance of alt text, with examples.

sample alt text examples with pancakes




Well, obviously, right? 😉 It has helped a bit by having a daily theme, like today’s “Three Things Thursday.” It helps me focus more on what to post about, especially if my brain is feeling a bit foggy. On my Words of Encouragement blog, I share (usually) daily devotional thoughts, so that is also more concrete.



A new strategy I need to implement is getting my blog posts ready the night before, so I can just review them in the morning and publish them earlier. Then I can visit my blogging groups on Facebook to share them and do the commenting reciprocation that is an essential part of participation.



I likewise need to start replying to all of you who leave comments, and I confess I haven’t been good about doing that. Just another thing to work on in this new year!





Yes, I’m still working on Christmas crafting, because this Saturday, January 5th, my youngest daughter and her family (includes 3 of my 4 granddaughters) will be coming to our house for our annual post-Christmas gathering.

So I’m still working on getting gifts done for them. I know I still won’t get everything done that I wanted to, since I didn’t start soon enough (something I’m changing in this new year!)  But whatever is left over, will be “New Year” gifts this month … or I might wait until July, for a new tradition we started last year, of having a little “Christmas in July” gift exchange. 🙂

This is one of the items I have finished, for my oldest granddaughter, age 6, who loves mermaids! 🙂 Approximately 26 inches tall, made with felt.


No photo description available.



  …  … 


So what about YOU?


What are you doing this Thursday?


Do you have a strategic plan for the day?



11 thoughts on “3 Things Thursday: Alt Text Writing, Blogging, and Christmas Crafting!”
  1. Wow loved the lesson about alt text! I definitely was a culprit of keyword stuffing so thank you for reminding people that that’s not the way to do it!


  2. Thanks for sharing! I love your “Three Things Thursday” theme – it’s unique from other typical themes I’ve come across. I would love to implement something like that on my blog as well. Love the mermaid – you’re very talented! My goal is to complete my blog post for UBC Day 4 so it’s ready for tomorrow!
    Shelly Maynard recently posted..10 Things To Do in Lynchburg, TN

  3. Thanks for the additional info on ALT text. I never really know what to put there. I usually write my posts on the weekends. But I don’t post everyday.

  4. I have used ALT text lot of times but your post lists so many more uses. I am always on a lookout for a good champagne. This definitely sounds great. Great post, thanks for sharing!

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