Your Path vs. Your Destination

Your Path


Your Destination


January was kind of tough around here, as both my hubby Dave and I were sick with some combination of flu and seasonal cold/cough/congestion. My immune system is not as good as Dave’s, so I’m still not at 100% health. In addition, my freelance work flow slowed WAY down since a big project came to a screeching halt around mid-October, and I didn’t pick up a new freelance project until mid-January. Finances are…sad…since Dave’s paycheck doesn’t cover everything, and we got so far behind without me having any income. The path has looked a bit rough at times, but we have tried to continue looking UP, knowing where we are NOW is not where we’re staying!



This. This right here. January and all of its events were certainly part of a rather rocky path that had me questioning many things in my life.  While I wavered in my faith at times and suffered from some serious bouts of discouragement and depression, God remained faithful and gracious.


This quote here is also very timely – it is easier said than done, but expresses wisdom nevertheless!


Avoid getting negative when you look at your circumstances. Actively wait on God to give you strength to walk in the fruit of the Spirit (see Galatians 5:22-23). Wait with purpose, silently listening for Him to speak, eagerly watching for Him to act.”

–Joyce Meyer


This reminds me of an admonition I heard from someone once, many years ago, when asked how things were going. Upon replying, “OK, under the circumstances…” — this person said, “Well, what are you doing THERE? As a child of God, you should know He can help you rise above circumstances…”

I forgot that, somewhere along the path. But as the quote above states, whatever paths and detours we stumble through at times are NOT our destinations — they simply lead us, eventually, to our intended destinations.



So what’s up along the path for the rest of this month? Let’s see: revisiting my goals for the year, celebrated my hubby’s birthday (on the 9th) and celebrating our 11th anniversary (today, the 11th), blogging/writing more consistently, working on and completing my study for my Ed.D. degree), and promoting my freelance and creative businesses.


So what about you?

How was your January, and your February so far?

What are your plans from now through the end of February?


A bend in the road is not the end of the road…

unless you fail to make the turn. 

~Author Unknown

4 thoughts on “Your Path vs. Your Destination”
  1. So much to do. So little time! For me, it is one day at a time. The path is rocky and I can’t see the destination. For some reason, I have no doubt that, at some point, I will arrive where I need to be.

  2. I think that life is just a series of ups and downs and it is our job to figure out the lessons. Six years ago my husband and I sold every we owned except for what fit in our car. We moved 400 miles away from everyone we had ever known, rented a cheap apartment and slept on an air mattress. We did this because of a job offer. I had just spent 6 weeks in the hospital with no health insurance. I never thought we would survive it, but it’s been 6 years and my husband is still at that job. Life couldn’t be better. We’ve welcomed twin grandchildren from my daughter who was told she couldn’t get pregnant. You never know what is around that next bend. It may be a McDonald’s or it could be the opportunity of a lifetime.
    Rena recently posted..The Essential Blogging Dictionary

  3. Actually not so bad, it’s turned a little colder here in the UK so not so pleasant being out and about so I dedicate more time indoors and therefore online, which means online business gets looked at more frequently! That must be a good thing!

    Enjoy the journey!

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