You KNOW You Need It – More Time In Your Day!!!

Isn’t it true? So often, it seems like we need more time in our days to accomplish everything we need or want to do. Managing time management seems like a task all by itself and requires the knowledge  necessary to overcome procrastination and identify time wasters, and then to implement significant, effective strategies to be more productive and make the most of every moment.

I recently virtually attended an amazing series of workshops over 6 weeks, conducted by Nicole Bandes, called “It’s About Time” that addressed all those topics!  Now Nicole condensed all that valuable content into a 5-day virtual boot camp!



Kickstart Your Time!
Kickstart Your Time!


Then consider “enlisting” in this:

Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp

**TIME SENSITIVE: Enroll by January 11th for some great BONUSES**

I’ve been attempting to blog consistently for awhile (still working on it) and to find a way to monetize my blog to help earn a little residual or passive income to make the time I put into blogging worthwhile.


Well, recently, I got approved for a couple of affiliate programs (Moms Affiliate and Blogging on the Side)  – and then just last night, for a third one. So that’s my full disclosure before you check out THIS affiliate link (no earnings for clicking – only if you decided to invest in the training!):

Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp

But I can tell you that I’ve taken this lovely lady Nicole Bandes’ time management workshop and she provides some amazing and valuable information and tools, all well worth the investment! I’m anxious to put her tips into action and make 2015 my most productive year yet!

Here are examples of what you receive in her workshops, and specifically what’s included in this boot camp:

**5 daily educational and inspiring coaching calls with Nicole on each step of the Kick Start Your Time program, via teleseminar.

**Exciting, step-by-step exercises with personal coaching from Nicole to help you make creating a custom time management system simple, exciting and liberating.

**Downloadable handouts & templates that make tracking your Kick Start Your Time progress easy and effortless.

**Facebook Community to get ongoing support and have your questions answered.

**Highly valuable coaching questions and statements that will help you uncover why you are sabotaging your time management efforts and what to do about it.

**Recordings of all training calls so you don’t miss a thing, even if you are super busy.


Here are more details:

Have you ever wished you had more time? Do you struggle with procrastination or a to-do list way too long and no end in site? Or maybe you just don’t know how to focus on what you need to do.


I’m with you on that and that’s why I’m so excited about the Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp that my friend, Nicole Bandes, is hosting. I’m excited because it’s not just another time management course. This is your Kick in the BEHIND start to everything you are dreaming of.


Let’s face it. We may have set some really great goals this year, but if we don’t have time to work on them, where will we be when 2016 rolls around?




Time management is the foundation of all success. Without knowing how to conquer the clock and get the most out of every minute we are given, we just won’t progress as fast as we could.


Nicole told me that she kept hearing the same thing from people she talks to:

“I just don’t have time for a time management course. I’ve tried before and nothing ever seems to last. How is your program really different than anything else out there?”


That’s a great question and one I had myself.  Nicole shared with me that, she too, struggled for many years with the same challenge. She tried all the tools and systems out there but always gave up when life got messy.


Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp is designed around Nicole’s 4-part formula for effective and lasting time management.

I know Nicole’s Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp is well worth the investment. However, Nicole has generously offered to sweeten the deal a bit more and I couldn’t resist not sharing it with you!


If you register for the Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp by January 11th, you will receive an EXTRA bonus. Be one of the first 5 people to register using the promo code BONUS and you will receive a special 60-minute one-on-one consultation with Nicole(a $249 value).


You may choose from the Overcoming Email Chaos or Excelling with Evernote session. You must hurry though, this is only for the first 5 registrations using that code and only available until January 11th!


Just go to Kick Start Your Time Virtual Boot Camp  and click on the green button near the bottom of the page. Then be sure to add BONUS in the promo code section to get your special bonus.

(Please note, your bonus will not show up on the invoice, but will be credited to you after.)

Don’t procrastinate, as this is a first come, first serve offer and will go fast!

So take action on your new life now!


Do you need to overcome procrastination and be more productive with your time?

Kickstart Your Time!
Kickstart Your Time!


5 thoughts on “You KNOW You Need It – More Time In Your Day!!!”
  1. Hi K-Lee, I’m visiting from the UBC again. You know, I had this very issue. So I petitioned God for a 30-hour day. At length, He agreed, and I filled that. So I petitioned God for a 36-hour day. At length, He agreed, and I filled that. When I asked for a 48-hour day, He said, you know, we already have that; it’s called “two days”. Seriously, this business of managing your time management is very important. And I’m glad you’ve found someone who is very good at teaching it. All the best–Kebba
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted..Six Top Tips for Cooling Conflict

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