Wordle Wednesday – About My Dissertation

If you have been reading and following my blog posts this month – yay for post #14 on the 14th – you know I’ve been following the Ultimate Blog Challenge daily writing prompts.

Today’s idea was to review a book or movie, but since I haven’t had much time recently to read books or watch movies, I’m making a slight departure from that routine–and making this “Wordle Wednesday” as well as following the Women with Intention Wednesday linkup.

wordle-dissertationMy Dissertation Wordle

One of the recent popular trends to convey information in an image format is the infographic. With declining attention spans and the desire to scan information quickly, the infographic addresses both issues by presenting a variety of details in a visually pleasing format. The wordle may not legitimately be an infographic, but it does convert a block of text into a collage of words.

In this example above, I have taken a portion of text from the intro of my Concept Paper (initial draft preceding the dissertation) and entered it into the wordle online tool.

This is actually a revised version of some of that original text:

Educational research indicates adult students in the e-learning environment prefer significant learning experiences and engaging interactive lessons (Abdelaziz, 2013; Barrett, 2012). Adult online learners of the ages 25 and above do not want to simply read text or be passive recipients listening to lectures by instructors (Abdelaziz, 2013; Cercone, 2008; Wyatt, 2011). Instead, adult online learners prefer fulfilling learning objectives and meeting designated outcomes in their courses through active participation and a student-centered approach toward learning that would help them meet their academic goals as well as have real-world applications (Cercone, 2008; Dzubinski, Hentz, Davis, & Nicolaides, 2012).


I can’t really explain how or why the wordle tool selects, arranges, and emphasizes certain words over others, but it does create an interesting visual representation or “word cloud” of any section of text you enter.

Women with Intention Wednesday

My special message to women in this linkup (and any other adult learners, for that matter) is that it’s never too late to expand your horizons and learn something new. Not only that, but if you decide to pursue a degree that you may have put off while raising a family–chances are you will be a better student NOW than you were or would have been when you were younger.


For instance, I went to college the first time right after graduation, and attended while I was in the age range of 18 to 22. I was NOT a good student -just average, as I had a much better time socializing than studying.


I went BACK to school in my mid 40s; I earned my M.Ed. degree, with a 4.0 GPA, at the age of 50. Now, as I am fast approaching 60 (well, 57 in March), I am a doctoral candidate, still maintaining a 4.0 GPA, in my Ed.D. program. And at a time when many people begin anticipating retirement, I’m just now anticipating a new career that will hopefully serve me well into retirement, as I continue working from home.




My Questions for YOU, Dear Reader

Have you ever tried the wordle tool? Do you like infographics better than just reading text? Are you involved in higher education now or have you thought about going back to school?


17 thoughts on “Wordle Wednesday – About My Dissertation”
  1. K Lee,
    I have seen those word pictures and LOVE them! I can’t wait to try it out! Thank you for sharing it in your post and my goodness, you are so inspiring, going back to school and enjoying the learning journey! I believe in life-long learning so I’m really happy for you!
    Amy Bovaird recently posted..Saying Goodbye Shakes Me Up

  2. K-Lee, we are on related topics today. I just did an article on age stress and how 70 is the new 40. I love word clouds and want to play around with them more. Some apps let you really play with colors and fonts; I could get REALLY distracted and off-schedule playing with those! About education: I got my Bachelor’s degree at 21, almost completed my first Masters the next year. Problems with that university drove me directly to my second Masters program. That time I took 5 years, working part time and building my professional resume’. I have continued to take special trainings and to educate or update-re-eucate myself on various subjects ever since. I’m so proud of you for doing your doctorate! Keep writing!
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted..Forget Age Stress: 70 is the New 40

  3. K-Lee, my comment earlier disappeared, so I’m trying again. I love the word cloud apps! Some let you play with font and color–dangerous for staying productive! I’m proud of you for going for your doctorate. I got my Bachelors and Masters degrees in a fairly timely fashion, and I’ve been studying special areas ever since. I love to learn. Thanks for a fun post!
    Kebba Buckley Button recently posted..Forget Age Stress: 70 is the New 40

  4. I love wordle and I love academia. I always say I could be a professional student. Longing to go back to school for my doctorate.
    Just a tip on wordle – there are ways to help guide which words get more focus. Don’t remember the exact details, but you’ll find it if you play around with it. I believe it involves listing the word more times – the more you do, the bolder it gets.

  5. You are addressing one of the key problems in today’s world. Too many think education is what they obtain while young. But, with the rapid change in technology and operations, that philosophy is as outmoded as the 1959 Edsel. Kudos to you on showing folks the better way.
    Roy A. Ackerman, Ph.D., E.A. recently posted..STEM at Sea

  6. I’ve used Wordle once and I didn’t really like the way it ended up bringing out the words. I’m not sure what it was about it, and I guess not really knowing why it pulled out the words put me off. Maybe I’ll look at it again.

    I’m the same as you though, re. going back to uni. I did it first in my late teens/early 20s and was a poor student. I’m doing it through the Open University this time and much more focused.
    Alexandria Gunn recently posted..Why You Should Go for That Freelance Writing Project

  7. I too have never heard of the word Wordle. Congratulation on going back to school. I am currently struggling with the idea of getting my PH.D. Getting my MBA wasn’t a challenge, I struggle with going back to school due to raising a family at this stage of my life. You give me inspiration to re-think the idea.
    Lozelle recently posted..If you build it they will come

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