Women With Intentions Wednesday: Pursuing Our Purpose Intentionally

Pursuing Purpose INTENTIONALLY!



Welcome to Women with Intention Wednesday! I’m borrowing from my past blog series, Preventing Procrastination, Prizing Prioritizing, and Pursuing Purpose, to address the idea of pursuing our purpose intentionally!

As an educator and a writer, I like knowing the meaning of words when I use them, so from a handy online dictionary, let’s define purpose and intentionally:

**Purpose: the feeling of being determined to do or achieve something**

**Intentionally: deliberately, purposely, knowingly**

So putting this altogether, we can extrapolate the idea of deliberately, knowingly pursuing or equipping ourselves with the determination to do or achieve our goals.

I think the quote above is timely and relevant. If we backtrack to the past posts on tearing down the stronghold of procrastination and tackling priorities, this quote has the same sense of aggressiveness and proactive steps toward accomplishing great things…as it says! 😉

Once we decide our purpose in life is something we are determined to achieve, we need to intentionally focus on our strengths and develop those more fully, rather than getting hung up on our weaknesses and failures. Once we overcome obstacles, we can continue moving forward in that pursuit.

We often work so hard on trying to overcome our weaknesses,

that we never develop our strengths.”

~~Joyce Meyer

So we have to back up our feelings of determination by actively moving forward to do whatever we need to do in order to reach our goals and fulfill our purpose or destiny.  All the good intentions in the world don’t matter if we don’t ACT on them.

The best day of your life is the one on which you decide your life is your own. No apologies or excuses. No one to lean on, rely on, or blame.


The gift is yours — it is an amazing journey — and you alone are responsible for the quality of it. This is the day your life really begins.

~~Bob Moawad


Everyone must choose one of two pains:

The pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

~~Jim Rohn

When I think of things I’m determined to do or achieve, it is amazing how many of them are tied in with exactly what I’ve discussed in previous posts about procrastinating and prioritizing. I am determined to overcome things like procrastinating, clutter, lack of confidence, and low self-esteem, and to accomplish things like writing more books (have one so far and at least two more in the works!), completing more sewing and crafts projects, and promoting my K-Lee’s Kreations business more.


                          Dog pillows I made as gifts

So What About YOU?


What do you think about this definition of purpose? Can you relate?


What are you determined to intentionally do or achieve that is related to your purpose in life?







13 thoughts on “Women With Intentions Wednesday: Pursuing Our Purpose Intentionally”
  1. Wow great post! I do live by the 5 things to do before you get out of bed. I try to implement those things daily when I awake and I know Ineed to really stop procrastinating and just DO IT!

  2. This is great! I have learned that when I wake up with the intention to get specific things done it helps. To do lists are also helping me. Those pillows you made are adorable!

  3. Wow this post is full of inspiration and some of these things sound like the exact things I needed to read! I love that choosing between two pains thing especially. Choosing between regret or the pain of discipline is perfection, I love that! It is so true and completely relevant to my journey, thank you for sharing!
    Melissa Dixon recently posted..Creative Punishments for Tweens

  4. Admittedly, I’m a procrastinator, although I’ve gotten so much better over the years. Have you read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield? In it, he talks about the Resistance. When we have something to do, but find ourselves resisting when it comes to getting it done. That usually means it’s something we’re passionate about. Now, when I feel procrastination coming on, I recognize it and get a little curious with myself. Why am I putting this off? It’s helped a lot. x

  5. I am a procrastinator as well! I am getting better, but it does take time. This is my favorite quote and so true.

    “We often work so hard on trying to overcome our weaknesses,
    that we never develop our strengths.”

    This is so true for me.

  6. I have been thinking about it recently. I want to be creatively awesome. I want to put my creativity to help others but I still have to figure out how to make it happen

  7. I used to be the pro in procrastination but not anymore. I have learned my lesson well. Especially now that I have a family who depends on me and three sons who I have to be a role model to. I love the quote about the 5 things you should do before you get out of bed. I will have to do that every day. I think the way to happiness is to live a life of purpose. Make each day count and with every accomplished task, express gratitude.

  8. I gave up procrastination a while ago and I am better off for it. I think when we set our goals and are intentional about the things we do in life we can be very successful. It is a process and one can work daily on short term goals to reach big goals. Happiness is key.

  9. Wise words. Such a meaningful post filled with good intentions. It’s so easy to forget the blessing that exists in our lives. Giving thanks keeps us humble and focused. Thank you for such a meaningful post.

  10. Great post. There is a lot I can take away for myself from this. Very timely, too. There are so many things I want to achieve in this life and it’s not getting any longer. ?

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