Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposely Getting Back on Track

Intentionally Getting Back on Track


It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY.


Here’s the definition again:


Deliberately, purposely, knowingly**


This week, I’ve been working on purposely getting back on track with blogging.  This includes writing and publishing the blog posts, obviously, but also interacting in Facebook blogging groups, visiting other blogs and commenting, making some slight changes in my blog themes and settings, and reviewing what’s involved in actually treating my blogging as a business instead of a hobby.

       Writing and publishing blog posts

My goal is to purposely write and publish two posts daily (here and at my Words of Encouragement blog). That doesn’t always work, when other obligations are higher priority or I simply run out of time due to having too many things to humanly accomplish in one day! I want to work toward writing and publishing earlier in the day, rather than after supper and later in the evening. At this moment, writing this, it’s about 4:45pm here in Maine…so far, so good, and my other blog post is already done (if you’re interested: Feel Like Quitting? Don’t Give Up!)


       Interacting in Facebook blogging groups

I purposely participate and interact in Facebook blogging groups. I’m really enjoying it! They provide a sense of community, accountability, and networking to help with growing and promoting my blogs. Many of the groups also provide numerous resources and opportunities to learn more about the business of blogging, to take it beyond the hobby stage.


       Visiting other blogs and commenting

I purposely choose to visit other blogs and to leave valid, relevant comments. I’ve bookmarked and followed many interesting blogs. I’ve also formed wonderful virtual relationships with some bloggers, especially in smaller mastermind groups.


       Making changes in blog themes and settings

I purposely choose to make changes in my blog themes and settings (fonts, colors, spacing, and so on). I learn as I go and get feedback from others. Sometimes I agree and other times agree to disagree with feedback regarding potential changes I should or shouldn’t make. I was kind of stagnant for awhile and just used the standard themes and templates, but recently I’ve been experimenting with different themes and looks. I want to be proud of my blogs, but also appeal to the majority of you readers and followers of my blogs.


       Reviewing details of hobby vs. business blogging

This is a new area for me and I’m purposely choosing to become more informed about transitioning from hobby to business blogging. I’ve read income reports from bloggers in some of the groups.

It amazes me that some folks are making hundreds and even thousands of dollars MONTHLY! 

I’m certainly not anywhere close to that potential. I’ve only just started adding some affiliate links and widgets to products and services I’m familiar with, so I can feel comfortable recommending them. I also purposely added widgets for my OWN business products as well (K-Lee’s Kreations).

AND… I’m currently working on some freebies to offer to you all …

AND some new reasonably priced products coming in October!  



So What About YOU?


Do you actively blog? As a hobby or as a business?


What have you done intentionally today?







15 thoughts on “Women With Intention Wednesday: Purposely Getting Back on Track”
  1. This are great tips and guide you have here, through socializing with other bloggers and viewing/commenting their articles we learn something out of it. It’s very helpful for us to be feed psychologically if not out appetit on blogging will fade away.

  2. I thank you for posting this as I needed. I know many people who have been blogging for years and don’t make a dime. But, anything is possible. I wish you lots of luck.

  3. I can relate ! I just started a new blog last week that has literally taken over my life since lol it’s time consuming ! But when you enjoy it time just Flies by! I had to tell myself after a while to just get back into blogging ?

  4. I ‘intentionally’ got up this morning to fit in a workout so i could try and hit my step goal today! I blog as a hobby but hoping I can make it more of a part time job!

  5. I spent yesterday planning content. I’ve read and heard from several of the most (verifiably) financially successful bloggers that it’s 80% promotion and 20% time invested in content. I blog to make money, but also because I love writing and sharing my thoughts. It’s really hard for me to do 80/20 the way I should… For me I do 80% content and maybe 20% promotion!

  6. I definitely needed to read this post today. I will graduate from college this December, and I have been feeling motivated, but unenthusiastic about finishing with high grades across the bar. The work is long, boring, and tiring, but I need to PURPOSELY go about getting it done. I should PURPOSELY work on my blog, and get it to the place that I want it to be. I should PURPOSELY be enjoying my life in my early twenties before even more of the real world smack me in the face. Thanks for this post.

  7. I Need to read this post. I have been blogging or hqappy for a couple of years now but I want my blog to start making money for me. I have been feeling really overwhelmed with how to do this while still coming up with content and promoting it. Nice to know i am not alone.

  8. Love this post. For me? I would say, it’s kinda’ hobby, but wanting to step it up as a business (someday). But even the “hobby” part, I can’t even fulfill it. So I need to write more, and share it more. I also want to make virtual socialization here in blogging but I just dunno how to start. I need to start looking for this so-called tribe.

    -Gerome of G&D Blog
    G&D Blog recently posted..My Top 6 Inspirations- Best Bloggers Who Inspire Me To Blog

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