Women With Intention Wednesday: Choosing to Be Productive Intentionally

Intentionally PRODUCTIVE




It’s Women With Intention Wednesday again… which means focusing on something INTENTIONALLY.

Here’s the definition again:


deliberately, purposely, knowingly**



One thing I find is essential for me: *Intentionally* make a list of all the things I hope to accomplish on any given day (week, month, year)!

I’ve heard there are cases of adults having late onset of attention deficit disorder, and when you combine that with age-related brain fog, it’s very difficult at times to remember things and to truly be productive!



So I’m finding I definitely need to be a “list” person to try to corral all those thoughts overwhelming me and organize or categorize them into some kind of logical order. The more detailed my notes are, the better chance I have of remembering things and getting them done!



Of course, it’s also important to balance expectations about what you can reasonably accomplish in a day’s time, which is something I’m still working on! You really have to allow for those inevitable interruptions or changes in plans. If you are too rigid, you can REALLY stress yourself out!


But overall, I endeavor to accomplish most of the things I purposely and deliberately choose to do each day! For instance, these are some of the things I hope to get done today…


Complete my usual daily or weekly household chores that sometimes don’t get done when I get distracted with other things (for instance, today is laundry day here, and my goal is to wash, dry, AND put away the clothes!)



Start supper in the slow cooker. Planning on chicken and veggies, and chicken always comes out so much juicier when cooked in the slow cooker with broth and seasonings. Saves time, too, because it’s ready when we are ready to eat!



Complete some assigned work for my remote job.



Complete two blog posts (here and over at my other blog, where I also wrote about intentional living), and then share the posts in my blog groups on Facebook .

Related to that will be visiting other blogs and commenting.



So I believe I can intentionally accomplish what’s on my list today – and I’ll work on my list for tomorrow!


So What About YOU?


Are you a “list” person?


Do you find you can be more productive if you have a definite plan for the day?




40 thoughts on “Women With Intention Wednesday: Choosing to Be Productive Intentionally”
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  2. I do find that creating lists make me be more productive. I do like to cut things off a list when I finish and I set as a goal completing all the items on a list. It’s a great way to keep track of your smaller goals too.

  3. I’m totally a list person, and a write it on my hand person. I find sometimes i tell a friend about my goal or task, too, so that hearing myself say it helps me remember and they remember.

  4. I try to be a list person then I get distracted and don’t check things off my list… haha! I want to be a list person, so I am going to try harder.

  5. i couldnt function without a list most days, even if its just a mental one. if its a more hectic day i will write it out and cross it off as i go so i can stay motivated and not mind foggingly forget something. i love your inspirational images

  6. Love the list. I usually use my calendar to stay organized but a list is also a great idea. I used to use Asana and similar tools in the past. This reminded me that I need to make some lists.

  7. I am definitely a list person. I have my editorial calendar for my blog which also has a built-in to-do list. I also have a whiteboard with my personal list. It’s the only way I really know how to make sure I get everything done.

  8. I’m definitely a list person as well. If I don’t write it down, I will not do it lol. I’ll forget! I need to start making a list for my blog, I know a lot of people plan out their content. I just write when I feel like it.

  9. I am usually a list person, but don’t do a daily to do list. I definitely should start one I think it would really help me get things accomplished every day.

  10. I’m a list person for sure, and then I go through and figure out my “must-dos” for the day. It usually works out pretty well! Sometimes if my list gets too long I feel overwhelmed. I try to check off 5 most important points each day.

  11. I am 100% a list person. I have many lists going on at all times. Lists to remind me all kinds of things. I am kind of person that needs a list to function. Even if I know something by heart, I still need a way to keep track of things and lists keep me grounded and organized.

  12. I definitely have some serious ADD and, while I accomplish a lot of tasks throughout the day because I can’t sit still, a lot of times my work suffers. I find that making lists helps SO MUCH to keep me on task when it comes to work.

  13. YES I am a list person!!! More specifically, I’m a bullet journal person – all my lists are in there – once it’s no longer cluttering my brain but is on the paper before me instead, I can just get things done like nobody’s business! 🙂

  14. I am a total ‘To-do list’ person. I dont like planning long-term, infact, dont have a long term plan but the daily ‘to-do’ list is my thing. I feel it enables me to finish all the tasks efficiently;strange but it makes me feel empowered 🙂

  15. I am a workaholic so being productive is what drives me. That is why I get crazy during those times when the kids are acting up and they are preventing me from accomplishing anything hehe

  16. This is our language, both of us are list people, so just imagine how many different little books we have, each our own in the car, handbag, office desk just about everywhere to get through it all. The best part is when you knock them down one by one. Some days the list seem to grow as the day goes by, but that is also alright.

  17. These tips are really amazing!
    I am totally a list person. I started making lists when I was in secondary school (age 13) at that time I was training sport at competition level, I had 12 school classes and music and English classes (I’m from Argentina) out of the school. And there were homework for everything and with different deadlines. This was the pre-tech era, so no smart phones (or phones at all) no computers, life needed to be organized on your head or on paper! I never quitted this habit and I’ve been always a super productive person to the point people wonder “how does she do it?”. When I had children things changed a little because my long lists of to do things left always undone! So I was frustrated. I had to learn to leave MORE roomto enjoy life, to unexpectedness and that was also very mind-opening for me.
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  18. I am a list person. I always need to scan my work for the day and organize it on a list to help me track it and be productive.

  19. This is such a great post. I find being a list person is really effective for productivity. Each day crossing things off your list brings a sense of accomplishment.

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