Why Do We Worry?

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Worrying does nothing positive for us; it can even make us physically, emotionally, and mentally ill.

It doesn’t do much for us spiritually, either, since God tells us NOT to worry because the act of worrying isn’t going to change anything and it indicates a lack of trust.

Yet we still often waste time, effort, and energy worrying about things as if by worrying we can initiate changes. It takes a conscious effort and commitment to trust God instead of worrying and exhausting ourselves or opening the door to fear that what we worry about will happen.


“When Jesus instructed us not to worry about tomorrow, He was saying that we should deal with life one day at a time. He gives us the strength we need as we need it.

When we take that strength He gives us and apply it to worry instead of action, we rob ourselves of the blessings God intended for us to have today–not tomorrow or the next, but today.

We miss out on good things because we worry about bad things that may not even come to be! Don’t waste precious time with worry.”

–Joyce Meyer in “The Confident Woman Devotional” [Day July 26]


Photo Credit: www.LiveLifeHappy.com.


In spite of all we know about the negative effects of worrying…we still tend to do it! Imagine how much happier and healthier we would be, and how much more energy we would have, if we could kick the “worrying” habit?

What is your perspective on worrying? Do you struggle with it or have you learned how to kick the habit?


6 thoughts on “Why Do We Worry?”
  1. I learned long ago not to worry. I’m always telling my husband why he shouldn’t stress himself, but he and I are different people. I can’t change him. Yet, maybe my attitude helps him to worry less.
    Francene Stanley recently posted..July 27th

  2. Great post, Karen! I know that worry is something that I deal with. I guess maybe part of mine is an overreaction to those people who seemed to think that planning was “worrying” and not wanting to find myself swept away the way they did when life’s emergencies happened. This is why it is vital to remember that if we plan well it actually means less worry.
    Steve Nicholas recently posted..Silent Movies and the Value of Concentration

  3. I was hoping to find an answer to why we worry. I think we do it as a survival technique. If you didn’t worry about the things that matter, you wouldn’t put any more focus on them than the less important things in life. I’m pretty set on controlling my worry, though.
    Alicia recently posted..5 Rules for Writing Subheadings

  4. K.Lee this is a great topic. I have been studying it for the last few months and just wanted to add to what you have written here. The reason that we worry most of the time is that we have become “addicted” to the emotions and hormones it produces in our body. We stay at that constant state and we find we get stuck in the loop.

    One of the best ways to end this loop is to realize that you are worrying and tell yourself that you will choose to think something different. Be consistent with changing your thought process when ever you catch yourself worrying and soon you will be able to be worry free. Replace the worry with something far something happy and you will start to do your body some really good. As those hormones usually are the ones that create good health.
    Gen recently posted..How To Set A Blogging Schedule

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