What Do You DO All Day??

So today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share what a typical day is in our lives. As I pondered that idea, it triggered memories from when I was a stay-at-home mom with four kids and I often heard that question from various people: “What do you DO all day? Of course, the implication was that moms at home with little ones do NOTHING all day, yet any one of you in that situation (moms OR dads) knows this is FAR from the truth! At the time I was raising my kids, I was also homeschooling them. I also did a decent amount of sewing and crafting, in addition to the usual household tasks. I remember challenging one such critic with, “Come over some day and TRY to keep up with me!”  😉 



Closely related to this “What do you do all day?” question is many people’s lack of understanding about what “freelancer” means or what one does.


This is the standard dictionary definition:

“Freelancer:  Person who sells services to employers

without a long-term commitment to any of them.


Another descriptor is that we freelancers are normally NOT employees, and have no employer/employee relationship. Typically, no employers deduct taxes or any of the normal deductions from our pay; we are responsible for paying our own self-employment taxes.


My husband, Dave, once pointed out what happens when he tries to explain to family or co-workers what I do. Many of them are really clueless and seem to think “freelance” some how also means I have a lot of “free” time, with no set schedule, leading to the “So what does she do all day?” question. They also wonder how on earth I actually make money, legitimately, from home.


I’ve also encountered blank looks whenever I have to fill out paperwork for various service providers and then try to explain to the receptionists “what I do.” As I describe my various freelance services, I usually get the eventual response, “Oh, so you’re self-employed.”


Yes, OK, I’m self-employed. So Dave and I were discussing what other titles might better describe “what I do” — things like:

*Independent Contractor

*Entrepreneur or Solopreneur

*Writing and Educational Consultant


I think any of those titles would work for me–how about you?




Another part of the UBC writing prompt was to discuss what a typical day might be like. Mine can vary considerably, depending on what I have for work or right now, at what point I am with my dissertation study. Also, my day at the moment does NOT include exercising since I’ve been sick for two weeks, BUT … I’m going to add that in as a general idea of what my IDEAL day’s activities would include.




*Typically up at 5am on weekdays, to help hubby get out the door with his coffee and sandwich for work by 5:30.


*The next couple of hours usually consist of: feeding our fur babies (2 dogs, 8 cats); having my morning warm lemon water and a cup of hot green tea with honey while engaged in morning prayers; sharing my daily Attitude of Gratitude thought, scripture reading, and devotional thought on Facebook (the second and third items I typically glean from my Words of Encouragement blog); checking emails; and browsing Facebook to see what my adult kids and other family and friends are up to; checking out the trending morning news; and visiting some of my groups on Facebook (blogging, writing, education, and crafting/quilting groups).


*Next, I endeavor to write and publish my daily post on my Words of Encouragement blog, sometimes while eating breakfast (I typically make a pitcher of a fruit/veggie smoothie and sip that). Then I visit my various blog groups on Facebook to share my post. Sometimes I’ll write my post here on this blog next – or like right now, I’ll wait until later in the afternoon or evening to post here and repeat the process of sharing my post in my blog groups.


*It would be at this point – somewhere around 9am – that I would want to stop and do some exercises. I have an exercise plan and chart written out; now to implement the plan! My thought, based on reading material from various fitness experts, is to incorporate several shorter periods of exercise (10-15 minutes) at intervals throughout the day. This would help me to NOT sit too much or for too long, and get back on track with exercising regularly.


*Then from approximately 9:30am-12:30pm, ideally, I would work on whatever I have for freelance work OR work on my dissertation study. Again, it depends on what I need to do, specifically if there’s a deadline to meet.





*I try to take care of lunch, and take the dogs out, between 12:30-1:00. Visit Facebook, check emails again.


*Then, 1:00-5:00, repeat either work or dissertation study. Alternately, if I don’t have much of either, I would spend time sewing  or crafting.





*From 5:00 (when Dave gets home from work) until 6:30 or 7:00, it’s supper time and spending time with Dave.


*Then wrapping up the evening from 6:30 or 7:00 until 9:30 or 10:00, any of those activities: work, blogging, sewing, study. (Of course, sometimes I also fill the “night owl” role and stay up WAY too late when there’s extra work, studying, or a big project deadline looming!)


It definitely varies day to day, but that’s a general idea of how my day typically goes–ideally with exercise included! 😉


Writing and working from home every day!
[Source: morgueFile free photos]



So What About YOU?


If you work from home, what title do you use?


Do you encounter the same questions?


What is your daily schedule like?





6 thoughts on “What Do You DO All Day??”
  1. Hi K’Lee, Like you I was a stay-at-home mom and partner in my husband’s swine business. He would usually be the one to get angry when someone suggested I didn’t do anything all day. I get that question, a lot. Since I am supported by my husband’s retirement I struggled with an answer. My tax guy told me to just say that I’m a writer. They can put it in whatever category they want. Once I start speaking,(for money) I’m not sure what I’ll say. It is a quandary.
    Nita recently posted..Twelve Classy Insults from the Past

  2. Love the term solopreneur!
    I have a full time job but am a remote worker who goes in to work a couple days each week (or more).. so guess that is the label – remote worker 🙂 and as far as schedule, it is pretty much the same most days – between driving kids back and forth to school and activities, we have work – office and house work, as well as sneak in time for meals and hobbies (that includes reading, blogging, and more!)
    LadyInRead recently posted..Thursday Thoughts – Part One

  3. Always love to see what people do in their day. I am also a freelancer and find it hard sometimes to manage a routine and not get distracted. Thanks for the article.

  4. Hi, K. Lee! I came across your blog at BlogHer Writing Lab.
    I, too, have been a stay-at-home mom to my 12 year old fur baby for the last decade or so. Earlier, I used to teach, but then quit to stay at home and care for my mom-in-law and my fur-baby. I, too, have faced that question countless times, “What DO you do all day?” as if everything gets done by magic! It’s a popular perception that women/men who stay at home do nothing but sit twiddling their thumbs all day, or enjoy their time watching tv, reading books or lazing around all day long! The amount of work we really do must definitely exceed the amount of work the ‘workers’ do, isn’t it? Wonder when they will learn the truth!

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