What Are Your Dream Quenchers?

I’m still playing catchup with posts – I started writing this post last night, but kept falling asleep! Yesterday’s  NaBloPoMo writing prompt required some soul-searching:

What is getting in the way of you reaching for your dreams?

First I guess I should identify what some of my dreams are regarding my career goals:

*  Build up my portfolio of writing samples.

*  Set up my official freelance website, Office Help 4 Hire, which I’ve had for YEARS and still not finished.

*  Continue to gain experience as an instructional designer and curriculum developer.

*  Continue to hone my niche writing areas and related skill sets.

*  Gain enough confidence to raise my rates and define terms for work, rather than always accepting the terms that clients tell me.

*  Get all my blogs up and running, consistently, to establish a good reputation in the blogging world.

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What is getting in the way of me reaching for these dreams and achieving these goals?

After some soul searching and honest introspection, I have to admit that two of my biggest weaknesses are poor time management and lack of self-confidence.  These are compounded by some legitimate health issues, but the unfortunate results are distraction, brain fog, fatigue, inconsistency, lack of follow-through, and sometimes missed deadlines.

On particularly bad days, I really need an attitude adjustment, because I have a very difficult time finding the “want to” regarding doing the things I must do. There are days I would rather take a nap, read, sew, quilt, visit with family and friends, and socialize in my various online networks. Honestly, sometimes I just want to do *nothing* other than sit and relax, breathe, think, and reflect.

Now that I’ve identified my hindrances, bad habits, and flaws… I know I have some work to do! I’ve reached the point of being “tired of being tired” and not reaching the level of productivity I know I’m capable of accomplishing.

So there’s my confession! What about you? Do you know what’s getting in the way of you reaching your dreams and achieving your goals? Do you dare to share?


9 thoughts on “What Are Your Dream Quenchers?”
  1. I think the fear of failure is the biggest thing that still holds me back. I like having some idea of success before I dive too deep into things. So I struggle with paralysis by analysis.
    Scott recently posted..It’s About Time

  2. Night time is my best writing time! I struggle with time – there’s just too much that I want to do every day haha. I don’t have energy issues but could use a few more hours in the day. You mentioned having some health issues – don’t let that be a dream quencher. There’s lots of info (online and everywhere) to help you build better health. In answer to your question, I think I get in my own way because I take on too many things before I effectively finish projects. I am trying very hard to work on that because I have some really good things started that I want to see finished!
    Vicki recently posted..Generations of people sharing a well kept secret!

  3. Karen:

    My dreams are impacted by a full plate of activities and for me it is a balancing. I focus more on energy management than time management and what will nourish me each day in my balancing act so I can accomplish one writing task each day. Your dreams are wonderful, keep moving forward one day at a time. Keep an evidence board of what you do accomplish to build your confidence ( something I struggle with as well). Tanya
    Tanya recently posted..Who is on Your Acknowledgement Page?

  4. High fives and sprinkles to you for being able to pinpoint and accept your flaws…it is only then that we can move forward and take steps to making our dreams come true, YAY!!! As for me, I feel you on the time mangement thing…Sometimes I have so much I “have” to do (i have a toddler and a freelance gig…) that when I have a chunk of time to fill, i’d rather just relax or watch a show or something. YIKES! It’s something I’m working on too…finding better times to sit down and do my dream stuff! All the best to you and your goals!!! 🙂
    eyenie recently posted..You Are What You Say You Are, So Why Not Make it Feel Good?

  5. Don’t worry that your website is not finished- it never will be. Just make sure there’s enough there to entice the potential client to engage! And, then spend 30 minutes a week updating and revamping it… That’ll work.

    And, great success- because recognizing what needs to be done is the first thing. Now, you just have to address the issues you uncovered.
    Roy A. Ackerman, PhD, EA@Cerebrations.biz recently posted..Job Opportunity: BA, BS required

  6. Self-confidence, or lack thereof. Am I good enough? Will I succeed? Will they like my work? I completely understand that hinderance, Karen. Let’s encourage each other in our endeavors and efforts. You have a lot to offer.
    Heather recently posted..Winter’s End

  7. Like Scott, I think for me it’s fear of success/failure. The bigger my success, the bigger my capacity to fail. However, in regard to your time management issue, I recommend listening to/reading “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore. I LOVE his methods and the “Un-schedule”.
    Mirakel recently posted..The Spring Break that wasn’t. ..

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