What Are You Doing for YOU in 2017?

Are You

Taking Care of YOU?



That may sound like a selfish title or idea – but it really isn’t. Think about it – if you do all you can to take care of yourself, it means you will be a better person for all those people in your life who care about you.

So what are you doing for YOU in 2017?



Here are some ideas (implementing in my own life, as well!)


Pay attention to your health. Work on losing weight if you need to, exercise regularly, eat a more balanced diet, and get more sleep. Promoting physical well-being, along with mental, emotional, and spiritual health, are all part of essential “taking care of you” time that will have positive effects now and in the future.


Have you thought about going back to school or pursuing a first or additional degree? I highly recommend online education, since it provides a convenient and flexible means of achieving those goals that may otherwise be out of reach  through traditional classroom learning. How about just an individual course or two in areas of interest, either for business or pleasure?


Consider socializing and networking more. This not only fulfills that need for human interaction and companionship, but potentially opens doors to new opportunities you may not otherwise have accessed on your own.  Forums, Facebook groups, and other virtual settings are especially helpful for freelancers who work from home, as they can provide a supportive,  encouraging environment  – again, for socializing, but also for networking.


How about hobbies? Have you always wanted to learn how to crochet, quilt, scrapbook, or make dolls? Maybe, like me, you have put off special projects that you have wanted to do for YEARS. Maybe this will be the year for a breakthrough!


Organizing collectibles? Perhaps you enjoy collecting NASCAR memorabilia, or various kinds of antiques, or numerous other items, and have yet to organize your collectibles or display them adequately so you can enjoy them.



Take some time in this second month of 2017 to decide what you can do for YOU this year, that will ultimately make you a healthier, happier person – for your sake, as well as for your loved ones, your friends, and your business associates.


So What About YOU?

If you made plans to accomplish goals this year, how’s it going?

Are there special things you would like to do to take better care of YOU in 2017?




16 thoughts on “What Are You Doing for YOU in 2017?”
  1. Oh I agree with this so much. Our brains believe the stories we tell them. My brain? It’s hearing stories about the second book getting started and finished in 2017

  2. I really need to place a huge focus on health! I’ve let it slide for too long, writing the goals TODAY! Thanks!

  3. I love your focus on self-care and the specific tips you gave. It is so different for everyone, and so important! Also love the quotes you chose to help bring the message home – these would make great wallpapers for your phone or computer as a daily reminder! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. One thing that I am doing in 2017 is to exhibit my art! I’m starting with an April display at the local public library. This is very exciting and I am looking forward to sharing my art with my community.

  5. Taking care of my health is paramount for me this 2017. I always put myself last and not take care of my health and it has been costly. I need to love myself more and put myself first when it counts: plan and follow a healthier diet, exercise plan that is easy to implement, and sleep at least 7 hours each day. Starting with these basic ones and build up into trying out the other tips especially picking up again my drawing hobby to have time to myself to relax and just enjoy life once more. Great tips! Thanks!

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