Welcome First Day of … SPRING? Developing Our Strengths in Spite of Weaknesses

It’s the First Day of …


Hurray! First day of spring…but you wouldn’t know it here in Maine, since we still have about two feet of **SNOW**on the ground…and snow banks twice that high!


Our dogs in the area Hubby plowed out under their run – still a lot of snow for the first day of SPRING!


So it seems “Old Man Winter” does not want to behave in a gentlemanly fashion with “Lady Spring” … kind of the same way the old year seems to leave its residual effects as the new year begins.

This all sort of reminds me of how difficult it is to leave old habits behind, and old ways of doing things, to take a step forward to establish new good habits and implement new, better ways of doing things.

Yet now that a new season is here, it’s a good time to evaluate our goals and MARCH FORTH with new dedication to developing our strengths even in spite of our weaknesses.



This quote likewise seems suitable here:

“We often work so hard on trying

to overcome our weaknesses

that we never develop our strengths.”

–Joyce Meyer



I have been contemplating some of the bad habits and old ways of doing things that haven’t been working for me; it’s never easy to face certain truths about ourselves. However, I figured spring–a new season, and one that celebrates new life and new beginnings–is a good time to make some changes.



So How About YOU?

Do you get that feeling that a new season is a good time for change?

What do you think about Joyce Meyer’s quote?



3 thoughts on “Welcome First Day of … SPRING? Developing Our Strengths in Spite of Weaknesses”
  1. Spring cleaning is well named. Nature waking up after winter dormancy encourages all of us to clean up after the winter, to defrost our minds, and to make new starts. And to focus on strengths. That “focusing on weakness” quote was so true for me until recently. I know now that I am never going to turn into an extrovert, and there is nothing wrong with that.
    Alana recently posted..The Giving Tree

  2. The attractiveness is yet an another metric to focus on time of spring wake up Chasing just your dream wouldn’t do. It’s important to keep the space with a better design.An informative post indeed.

    Thanks to shar with us.

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