Turn Your Life Around in 2017

Happy January 12th! Nearly halfway through the first month of 2017 already! How are things going for you so far?

Today’s Ultimate Blog Challenge writing prompt is to share and discuss a quote. Since I enjoy doing this on a regular basis, especially over on my Words of Encouragement blog, I decided to browse older posts here that contained quotes and I came across one that didn’t receive much attention the first time around.

But now that it’s a new year and  a new season, people more frequently feel inspired to consider making changes–break bad habits, establish new good habits, re-evaluate choices, reflect on the good and the bad, and learn from all of those things in an effort to turn our lives around from any negative influences and move forward into healthier, happier lifestyles that include pursuing our dreams we may have put off for any number of reasons.



So since we’re only a couple weeks into 2017, I thought I would share a resource I have found especially helpful. Considering the arrival of winter and the changes going on in Maine (manifesting as snow and ice, and cold, crisp temperatures), it seemed appropriate to me to discuss a resource that focuses on change and turning our lives around.



In fact, the name of this book is Turn Your Life Around, written by Dr. Tim Clinton, who is a Christian professor, counselor, and President of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). It was actually this book (or God using the anointed message in this book) that helped me work through the pain, anger, and confusion over losing my Dad back in 2002, and the sense of loss and loneliness that lingered for years.


Available on Amazon!


Dr. Clinton’s main focus is on overcoming pain, loneliness, and negative consequences of the past. The themes in the book include the following:


*Losing heart: the Descent into Pain

*Ambushed and assaulted

*Anger, Anxiety, Aloneness, Alienation, Arrogance

*Adulteries of the Heart and Addiction

*Alive Again!

*Accountability, Action, Attachments, Awareness, Assessment,

*Affection of God

*Recovery of the Heart: Coming Out of Pain



Here is an excerpt from chapter 2, “Anger: The Fiery Furnace of the Soul” —


“There is great hope for you–even when you feel helpless. Just as your life journey may lead you into disheartening circumstances, so the Lord God can lead you out.

Do you know someone who is filled with anger because life isn’t the way it is supposed to be?

How about you? Are you fuming over something that has happened? Why? How long have you been frustrated inside? Can you see the path of anger in your own life?

What’s sad is that when we don’t make a course correction in our anger, life gets more complicated.

For some, the downward spiral stops here, where they confront life’s challenges and bring anger under control.

For others–many others–the next dark step of descent is into deeper, more destructive anger.

Yet never forget that there is a way to come out of your pain and recover your heart!

Action Point: If you are deeply angry, face it. Acknowledge the source and seek to remedy whatever ignited this often-destructive emotion. Do you know someone who handles anger well? Ask him or her to give you some guidelines. And don’t forget to ask God to help you make a course correction today, so you’ll keep from traveling further down the spiral.”


In this new year of 2017, I hope you are not going through any significant struggles in your life. But if you or any of your loved ones are, I hope you will consider purchasing this book.  It is available at Amazon in ebook and bargain book prices — and no, this is not an affiliate link– I get nothing out of referring this book other than the reward of knowing someone’s life may turn around from reading the book! 😉


So what do YOU think?

Have you ever heard of this book?

Do you have any good resources or suggestions to share?

2 thoughts on “Turn Your Life Around in 2017”
  1. Upon reading this, I am reminded of the concept that it takes more energy and time to be angry than to be forgiving. This applies whether we are angry at someone else or with ourselves. Also, being angry at someone else only punishes oneself. Most likely, the other person doesn’t even care. Just not a healthy habit or action, for sure.
    For myself, I have been using mindful deep breathing as a way to deal with situations when I am feeling angry. Taking a minute to completely focus on breathing, allows me to stay in control and turn my attention elsewhere.
    Julie recently posted..The Alphabet of Happiness: I

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