Top List Tuesday Presents Top 4 Ways to Live More-Work Less While Launching an Online Business

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Live More – Work Less



It’s Top List Tuesday and today’s list is an exciting one!  Today I’ll share with you an upcoming FREE workshop covering the TOP 4 ways to help you live more and work less (aka “work smarter not harder”) regarding launching a viable online business!


You may have heard of her:  Summer Tannhauser, of the Lady Boss League, and the inspiration behind the Live More Work Less blog series. Here’s what Summer has to say about running an online business:

“When it comes to being a LIVE MORE, WORK LESS entrepreneur, I believe in three truths:

Being an entrepreneur should allow you a life FULLER of FREEDOM, not less.

Being an entrepreneur means RUNNING your BUSINESS, and not allowing it to run you.

Being an entrepreneur should be FUN from day 1, bringing you MORE HAPPINESS to your life.

“We’ll get along just fine if you have BIG dreams for your business, but even BIGGER dreams for your life.”

— Summer Tannhauser



Now, Summer is inviting any interested serious entrepreneurs to take a FREE 4-week course and masterclass sponsored by ConvertKit, entitled Launch an Online Business (that is HER affiliate link – IF anyone decides to sign up with ConvertKit after a FREE 30-day trial period, Summer will receive referral compensation).



So here’s your list for today (summarized from details found on the launch registration page)!

Top 4 Ways to Live More and Work Less

~Launching an Online Business~


       Understand the Mission, the Vision, and the WHY


   What are your mission and core values?

   What is your 3- to 5-year vision?

   Why are you starting a business?


       Build a Platform


   Own your content by building a website and email list.

   Implement step-by-step website development.

   Set up your email marketing account (consider ConvertKit!)


       Create Your Launch Content


   Outline your opt-in incentives and first sequence auto-responder.

   Write three key blog posts for your launch.

   Develop your “About” page and home page content.


       Launch Your New Online Business!


   Set up and execute your promotion plans.

   Hit “Publish” on your site and posts.

   Develop your email list over time, adding in opt-ins and content upgrades.




Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? And for FREE?? I’m already signed up!     



For full details AND to register, click       HERE.





So What About YOU?


Do you want to live more and work less? (I know I do!)


Are you familiar with Summer and her blog series?


Do you think you’ll start an online business, if you don’t have one already? (If you DO have one, feel free to share it in your comment!)







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  1. Hi Karen,
    I know Summer Tannhauser. I had one of her courses on a blog of mine one time. I liked the way you set it up! Very creative! Even though I like the email autoresponder I have, the course will be interesting to follow.

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