Top 2 Best Desserts Ever

OK, this is definitely a fun post for my UBC post#6: my favorite top 2 best desserts ever!!! These are desserts I acquired recipes for, years ago, and have made frequently for special occasions.  I have since found these recipes in multiple places online, so I can share the links with you for the recipes – plus show pics, so you can start salivating!

1-  Italian Love Cake – I’m not sure about the original source of this recipe – nor why it’s called “Italian” (unless it’s the ricotta cheese you use in the cake!) – nor why it’s “Love” cake (unless it’s the fact that you LOVE it once you try it!)  I DO know it’s delicious if you love chocolate and rich cake with a blend of different flavors. This recipe uses fudge marble cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, ricotta cheese, and whipped topping – plus the usual ingredients necessary to make a cake.

2- Strawberry Angel Cake Dessert – This has become THE holiday dessert for family gatherings – my youngest daughter’s favorite – and I can’t show up without it! It’s one of those recipes that’s easy to put together, because you purchase an angel cake ring, tear it into pieces, and mix it with the jello, strawberries, and whipped cream – and press into a jello mold! I “decorate” it with a little whipped topping, sliced strawberries, and add a cup full of more fresh strawberries in the middle. This is a great recipe for strawberry lovers! My variations to that linked recipe are that I use strawberry gelatin and press the mixture into a round jello mold with the hole in the middle, to hold the cup of strawberries I mentioned previously.


You might want to consider trying one (or both) of these recipes for Mother’s Day!

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  1. Janet Stoneking, former employer of mine in New Concord, Ohio, makes a decadent dessert called “Paul Newman Cake” that includes candy bars, chocolate fudge and I forget what else. She makes it at Christmas time, along with manicotti. I wish I still had the recipe. Definitely not a dessert for diabetics, though. 😉

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