Today Is Poetry Day – On Giants and Loved Ones Gone Away

Happy Friday, January 9th! Post 9 on the 9th…I might finally be getting this right!

The writing prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge for day 9 of January is:

Day 9: Share a Poem

If you are creative as a writer, go ahead and write a poem!

If you are not the rhyming type,

find a favorite poem or quote to share for today’s post.


Well, I just happen to have a couple of poems handy, both memorial tributes to my parents.  My Dad passed away in 2002 and my Mom in 2011. I wrote these poems in their honor.



Loving Memory of Dad
My Gentle Giant!


Do Giants Still Exist?

Among the controversies that exist in the land,

The most curious is, do giants among us stand?


Not the kind like Goliath and all of his brothers —

A much different kind, standing far above others.


The gentle giants, of the spiritual variety —

Those who can’t help but gain notoriety …


Not because they choose to, it just happens that way —

Because of their actions and the words that they say.


They follow God’s heart, eager to do His will —

They tune in to His voice, though quiet and still.


These giants serve others first, put themselves last —

Following the example of giants from the past.


They are considerate and kind, tender of heart …

Loving, forgiving, accepting are all part —


Of the qualities of these giants, who still roam the earth —

Gently leading by example, of incredible worth.


One such gentle giant was my beloved Dad, Ben —

Who served God his whole life, right up until when …


He was struck down by cancer, but in our memories embraced …

His giant legacy, like his hugs, can never be replaced.


**Dedicated to my ‘gentle giant’ — my Dad, Ben Willis.**

~~K’Lee Banks, Maine, 2003~~

Published in 2008 anthology, Collected Whispers, all my rights reserved.

Also published in my tribute book, Fatherly Reflections, June 2012.



Dad, Mom, my siblings, and me prior to Dad's passing.
Dad, Mom, my siblings, and me prior to Dad’s passing.


Tribute to My Parents:
Who Needs to Hear “I love you” Today?


Nine years ago today, I lost my Dad,

the first most beloved man in my life.

Two months ago, in July, I lost my Mom —

now they’re reunited, loving husband and wife.


Last month, in August, I sat by their graves,

visiting their earthly resting place.

I know their spirits don’t reside there —

instead, they see each other and their Lord, face to face.


I can’t believe they’re both gone —

my siblings and I, emotional orphans —

but our parents are no longer in pain.

Cancer ravaged their bodies and took them,

God welcomed them home —

and someday, we will see them again.


Sometimes we grow complacent, hold grudges, or worse,

And neglect to tell loved ones how much we care …

We should take time to make amends,

say “I love you” while we can,

before our loved ones are no longer there.


Thank God for His mercy and grace —

He granted time with both parents

Before they went peacefully on their way …

I would encourage you to ponder these words

and ask yourself,

who needs to hear “I’m sorry”

and “I love you” today?


~~K’Lee Banks, September 2, 2011~~

Published in my tribute book, Fatherly Reflections, June 2012.


In Memory of Mom & Dad
In Memory of Mom & Dad



These may not be perfect poems, meeting all the criteria for poetry in meter or format–perhaps more appropriately termed prose than poems–but they are from the heart…


How about you? Do you write or have you written poetry? Would you like to share?

9 thoughts on “Today Is Poetry Day – On Giants and Loved Ones Gone Away”
  1. I enjoyed both your poems. It’s a good way to work through conflict.

    I do write poetry,
    often in my head while bathing
    or lying in my bed.
    I try o forget rhyming,
    or counting syllables for timing.
    I put in metaphors to express my heart
    But sometimes I find I don’t get a good start!
    The verbs I choose are passive ones to me,
    my friends say, “Please don’t tag me!”

    Writing poetry takes me hours
    Upon completion, I offer them out like flowers
    to people I care about
    along my life’s busy route.
    Sadly, they back away and say,
    “Sorry, puh-leez leave that for another day!”
    ALB – 1/9/15
    Amy Bovaird recently posted..A Change of Heart

  2. The tribute to your parents was beautiful. I am coming up on a year since I lost my grandma, who was the most important person in my life. This really touched my heart and make me smile. <3 <3 <3

  3. Angel Wings

    angel wings

    times two

    one pair
    soft blue

    cherub sized

    velvet soft

    an ethereal

    the other
    a hint of rose

    elegantly curved

    the beauty
    the wearer




    in Heaven’s

    surrounded by peace


    Written for a friend who lost her daugher and grandson to violence. It was for the memorial service.


    a simple
    pine box

    the Star
    of David
    stark white
    against the
    black drape

    a clown rests

    my clown

    no make-up
    no red shoes
    no stethoscope
    no crazy wig
    or floppy hat

    cleansed and
    robed by

    by his

    by a son

    missed by

    especially me

    his red nose
    sits upon
    the dresser

    the silence

    Written after I lost husband number 2.

    If you decide to to a funny poem day or a romantic one I have tons of those as well. M.

  5. ALONE

    twice wed

    a son
    of the Emerald Isle

    from home
    and country

    fighting shadows
    of a war
    not ended

    the other
    a son
    of the Maple Leaf

    with a pen
    and paper

    fighting shackles
    of a retirement
    not wanted

    twice widowed

    by the bottle

    the Creature’s hold
    upon this son of Erin
    too great

    slipped away
    into forever

    scattered ashes
    upon sea foamed shores
    leaving me


    by time

    the vise of age
    upon this poet’s heart

    lost the battle

    in a simple grave
    ancient beliefs honoured
    leaving me


    love still lives
    for these two souls
    who left their mark

    and for another
    that remains
    in the shadows

    fighting his own demons

    life’s potential

    in many ways
    more alone

    than I

    Ok…that’s it for me today. Thanks for letting me post. M.

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