Three Things Thursday: Procrastination, Help, and Dissertation

I started following this Three Things Thursday idea awhile back, but not consistently. But as I’m trying to wrap up 2016 in a positive, productive manner to set the pace for 2017, I decided to re-launch this idea. I first learned about Three Things Thursday from a fellow blogger, who I virtually met in one of our mutual Facebook blogging groups. She has recently focused on other things in her blog, but this blogger still does some great Three Things Thursday blog posts.


3 Things Thursday


The idea is to briefly discuss three interesting or important topics each Thursday of significance to you, as the blogger, and hopefully of interest and/or value to your dear readers (hello, dear readers!) 🙂  So here are mine for this Thursday, only 17 days before Christmas!



1- Put off procrastination! Especially heading into these last couple of weeks before Christmas, it’s important to get organized, make lists, get things done! You know the routine: buying or making and wrapping gifts, mailing gifts, planning special goodies for family gatherings, and still trying to accomplish all those “have to” tasks.




2- Ask for help if you need it!

Respect your limits – you can’t do it all! Ask for help when you need it! There’s nothing wrong with being honest about what you CAN and can NOT handle on your own. This applies to a range of things, from trying to physically move something heavy…to trying to manage an emotionally or mentally “heavy” or difficult situation on your own. Reach out and ask for help.

Those who don’t understand or who criticize you for reaching out, or who make excuses for NOT helping you, are those best left out of your life. On the other hand, cherish those who DO help and who support and encourage you along the way… those who weep with you when you weep, and those who rejoice with you when you rejoice. These are valuable relationships to maintain and strengthen over the years.



                          My Dissertation Wordle

3 – Keep up with my dissertation data collection!

I’m in the beginning stages of data collection for my dissertation study. That finish line is within sight!

One popular trend for conveying information is within an image format called an infographic. With declining attention spans and the desire to scan information quickly, the infographic addresses both issues by presenting a variety of details in a visually pleasing format. The wordle may not legitimately be an infographic, but it does convert a block of text into a collage of words.

In this example above, I have taken a portion of text from the intro of my Dissertation Proposal and entered it into the wordle online tool.

I can’t really explain how or why the wordle tool selects, arranges, and emphasizes certain words over others, but it does create an interesting visual representation or “word cloud” of any section of text you enter.




So what are YOUR thoughts?


What did you accomplish today?


Do you think you might try blogging about Three Things Thursday?



Good advice!!





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