Three Things Thursday: Praying, Preparing, and Packing

3 Things Thursday:






It’s Thursday, the first Thursday of September. According to my self-imposed blogging topic schedule, on Thursdays I choose three things out of my day to share with you.



Today I also chose some alliteration with 3 Ps: Praying, Preparing, and Packing.




Just seems like the most appropriate thing to do, given the bizarre weather and other events taking place in the USA and around the world! Both my hubby and I have family and friends who live in various places in Florida, including along the coast. Really concerned about them and praying for a miracle, like Irma turning out to the ocean instead of right up the peninsula and into Florida, Georgia, and the Carolinas!




For me, this means making lists…because I’m going to New Hampshire tomorrow, for the weekend. It’s unusual for me to get to see my granddaughters three times within a few weeks, but it’s happening that way over the past couple months! In case you missed my previous post about Intentionally Spending Time with Loved Ones (<– check it out!), my youngest daughter and son-in-law and three granddaughters surprised us with a visit on Labor Day. It was great!


Dave and me with my youngest daughter, granddaughters, and Mocha the fur baby!


I also saw them about a month ago when I went to a bridal shower for my oldest nephew’s fiancee, because my daughter planned and hosted the shower, since she’s the maid/matron of honor. Now THIS weekend, I’m seeing them again for my oldest two granddaughters’ combined birthday party. Chloe will be 5 on September 12th and Ava turned 3 on August 27th. So while they’re still young enough not to care about NOT having separate parties, my daughter does a combined one, since their birthdays are only about 2 weeks apart.


        Ava on her third birthday


Chloe’s first day in KINDERGARTEN!!


So part of my preparation is making lists to make sure I don’t forget to take care of things HERE before I leave, lists for hubby while I’m gone, and lists about things I need to bring with me. Which leads me to #3 …





So yeah, my third thing for Thursday involves packing my luggage for the trip out of state for the weekend!  I don’t really need a lot, since it’s just the weekend with the girls’ birthday party on Saturday, and church on Sunday. Then I head back home on Sunday afternoon.

I will be bringing my camera and laptop, though, so that means remembering my chargers for those AND for my cell phone. And I’m still an actual notepad and pen person, so I’ll be bringing those along, too. 🙂




So What Are YOUR Thoughts?


Are you in any of the affected areas from Hurricane Harvey or know someone who was, OR in the path of upcoming Hurricane Irma? Please be safe!


What did you accomplish on this Thursday (or whatever day it might be when you read this)?




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