Three Things Thursday: Enjoying, Eating, and Energizing

3 Things:

Enjoying, Eating, and Energizing!


It’s Thursday again – the last one in September (can you believe it?) – so that means I’ll be telling you about three things out of many that I will be doing today.

I decided to go with a bit of alliteration with all the “e” words, and tell you about things I’m enjoying, an opportunity for eating out, and things that are energizing me today!


View of our home from across the road, surrounded by beautiful fall foliage


SO …



Today I am thoroughly enjoying the beautiful FALL weather! It’s a perfect FALL day in Maine, with the temperature at 70 degrees, breezy, and LOW humidity! I emphasized these words because fall began, on the calendar at least, last week.

However, summer has been very stubborn about letting go and we have had unseasonably hot  and humid weather more reminiscent of July, instead of late September! Temperatures have hit as high as the 90s and the humidity has been nearly as high at times. NOT my favorite weather conditions, especially for FALL!

Thankfully, today is much more comfortable, and the forecast for the rest of the week is for more seasonable temperatures in the 60s to 70s by day, mostly 40s at night, and low humidity. Now THAT is enjoyable, along with the beautiful fall foliage.


                      Our house nestled among the fall foliage


Everybody has to do it, right? It wouldn’t really be a significant thing for my “Three Things Thursday,” except for the fact I was treated to eating OUT today!

My stepmom-in-law took me out to lunch, just to visit and catch up — because she said it was time to “get you out of the house.”  This is because I’m “house bound” due to us only having one car, which hubby uses to commute to and from work.  And yes, you read that right, she is my stepmom-in-law … and I also have a mom-in-law! I am blessed with two caring women — NOT the negative stereotypical mothers-in-law — in my life, who have accepted me as a daughter from the first time they met me, over 14 years ago!

So I really enjoyed this opportunity to get out of the house for lunch break AND enjoyed having something different for lunch: Chinese food at a nearby restaurant, with some of my favorites: egg roll, pork fried rice, and sweet and sour chicken. I was impressed by both the quality AND quantity of the food, because I brought enough home for a second lunch tomorrow!



I am finding certain changes in my life are energizing me, ultimately helping me to be more organized and productive. Not perfect yet, by any means, but at least heading in the right direction. One of the most recent changes is, as I mentioned, the change in the weather. Days on end of heat and humidity, combined with my asthma, just really drained my energy and compromised by ability to think clearly, also contributing to an ongoing headache. I’m feeling MUCH better already today!

Another energizing factor is participation in blogging groups on Facebook. They provide such a great level of encouragement, support, AND accountability! Related to this, another energizing factor is this new schedule of blogging earlier rather than later. I probably would have been done this morning, if I hadn’t gone out for the special lunch.

But even mid-afternoon is better than late evening or after midnight! Plus, as I’ve been learning in different blogging groups and from other bloggers, when you blog and post earlier in the day, you tend to attract more readers (aka “traffic”). This is a GOOD thing, as it increases engagement and frequency of interaction. From observation, it appears promotion, engagement, and development of relationships with a virtual community of  bloggers and readers are keys to success and longevity as a blogger!






So What About YOU?


How is YOUR Thursday going?


What are three things you are working on today, if you care to share?



                                  Fall foliage in Maine







13 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Enjoying, Eating, and Energizing”
  1. Your post today made me smile. I am originally from Maryland but live in Florida now and the fall season is one of the things I miss most about home 🙂 I love the changing colors on the trees and the crisp, cool air… I hope you have a wonderful fall 2017 🙂

  2. The trees around your home look so beautiful, the colors in fall are always amazing. This sounds like a few great self-care ideas, I was just saying today at work how I missed being able to go out for lunch occasionally. My new job, I get a short break with no time to head out but I like to get outside for a quick walk after work before the weather turns cold.

  3. It Fall here in Vancouver and although i am sad to see the summer go i am looking forward to the crisp air and colorful leave. I hope you have a great fall.

  4. Sounds like a great week! The weather was SO hot here in Boston, but secretly I kind of love it. It sounds like such a great relationship you have with your in laws!

  5. Hi Dr K,

    Great post 🙂 I love fall (autumn here in Europe). One of my favorite seasons of the year. The foliage around your home is absolutely stunning!
    You’re so right about networking with other bloggers. I always say that although content is king, connection is key.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Best regards,

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