Three Things Thursday: Decluttering, Reorganizing, Rejuvenating

3 Things:

Declutter, Reorganize, Rejuvenate!



It’s Three Things Thursday here on my blog … so that means I’ll be telling you about three things  I did here today! They actually go together and revolve around decluttering and reorganizing this space that was vacated by a pool table a few weeks ago. While the effort has left me with sore muscles, I actually also feel rejuvenated by having less clutter, more organization, and more space!



  Rearranging and reorganizing the space


SO …



Maybe it’s because tomorrow is the first day of FALL , my favorite season, and I want to start the new season fresh…. Or maybe it’s because every time I look around the room at this space that once was occupied by hubby’s pool table, and it’s not fully decluttered and reorganized yet…. Or maybe it’s a combination of all those!

But I just had to attack the clutter today, since it was encroaching on my space and making me feel anxiety and stress. So I spent a few hours moving stuff around, dusting shelves, vacuuming, and at least beginning the sorting and reorganizing process of years’ worth of collected clutter in this small house!



So the reorganizing part naturally followed this initial decluttering effort, as I started going through bins of fabric and craft supplies, magazines and patterns, and so much other STUFF. I have begun to group “like” items together, so it makes more sense. I still need to do a LOT more, over the next few days, at least. But having just started the process of reclaiming this space makes me feel better!



So yes, as I mentioned, just the fact I made the effort to tackle the clutter and work through the process of reorganizing, has given me a sense of being rejuvenated and re-energized. As I mentioned in a previous post, sometimes you just need the clean space to feel calmer and more at peace.


So What About YOU?


How is YOUR Thursday going?


Are you involved in any of the same  three things I am today?




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  1. Mistle - September 21, 2017 Reply

    That’s awesome that you were able to do some decluttering! I’m slowly in the process of decluttering my house. It’s really nice to do!!

  2. Bonnie K. Aldinger - September 21, 2017 Reply

    One of these days I will! Might require a staycation though. Congratulations!

  3. Sean McCammon - September 22, 2017 Reply

    I should really get round to decluttering my home office room. Its like the kripton challenged just to get in here and to my seat 🙂

    Maybe I’ll get some inspiration now.

  4. Reese Alvarado - September 22, 2017 Reply

    Thank you for sharing this great article. It really helped me to calm down.

  5. Courtney Blacher - September 22, 2017 Reply

    I really enjoyed reading this. Having calm mind is so important to me, I think it’s the way to be happy. Thank you for sharing!

  6. W b - September 22, 2017 Reply

    Cleaning up every once in a while keeps the mind fresh which allows for further enjoyment and creativity

  7. Helene - September 23, 2017 Reply

    I might start reorganising soon, but I’m so busy… We’ll see! Thank you for sharing:)
    Helene recently posted..Julian from Man Travels The World

  8. Kristine Nicole Alessandra - September 24, 2017 Reply

    Great advice. My mom always told me to do things one at a time, spreading out my tasks throughout the week. It does help with the decluttering, instead of doing it one time big time on the weekend.

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