Three Things Thursday: Blogging, Planning, and Creating

3 Things:




It’s Thursday again and that means I’ve chosen three things to tell you about that are happening here today!




This may seem like an obvious thing…I mean, right?  (But keep reading, because there is a connected THEME to my three things today!)

But seriously, I mean blogging intentionally and purposely to get on track and be more productive, as I blogged about yesterday. I have learned a lot in many of my blog groups on Facebook, but have much more learning and applying of the learning to do! One of the major issues is to treat blogging as a business, and not just a hobby, and therefore to be more intentional, organized, and, you know, develop a PLAN and implement the plan!



So yes, the second thing on the list today is planningspecifically, planning HOW to move forward with my blogging


I have signed up for numerous (I’ve lost count) workshops, and trainings, joined dozens of blogging groups on Facebook, and downloaded a variety of resources–all on the area of blogging as a business. I have yet to fully grasp everything or to make significant progress in accomplishing that goal. But I’m determined to at least make noticeable changes by or before the end of the year.

One of these changes is underway, in that I’ve set up my daily blog topic schedule, as seen at the top of this post and in a widget in my sidebar. That helps me have a focus each day in what I will share and I can often at least draft a post the night  before each day and add to it on the actual day.

Of course, one of the strategic parts of blogging as a business, as I’m learning, is to actually EARN some kind of ongoing residual income from blogging, to make all the time and effort worthwhile (and to be honest, hubby would be much happier about the time invested if it was generating income!) It’s amazing to read about what some fellow bloggers are earning! So this leads me to the third thing for today…



As in, creating an “avenue of revenue for this blog and my other blog, Words of Encouragement. I do have ads set up in widgets and occasionally write affiliate posts with links, but I also plan to create something that may appeal to more people than randomly checking out any of the ads or affiliate links.

While I have an upcoming FREEBIE planned (keep your eyes open for that!) to encourage email sign-ups, I also want to create some calendars for 2018. I don’t want to “let the cat out of the bag,” as they say, but I plan to create some options for 2018 calendars with various types of photos featured. I also plan to include some valuable coupons in the back of the calendars! 

I’m actually hoping to begin offering these calendars in October, and include the last three months of 2017 on a single page as a lead-in to the 2018 calendar.

Question for you: What do you think would be a reasonable price (something you would be willing to pay for yourself or as a gift) for a downloadable 8 x 14 inch PDF calendar that will feature 12 photos, one on each of the top monthly pages, and the calendar grids on the bottom?





So What About YOU?


How is YOUR Thursday going?


Are you involved in any of the same  three things I am today?








22 thoughts on “Three Things Thursday: Blogging, Planning, and Creating”
  1. What a wonderful Idea for blogging I just started to create my own weekly newsletter too, to add up some spice and excitement on my blog I got the calendar but hoping to get a perfect place to put. great post!

  2. I love how you’ve set this out! The colours make this an engaging read, and an effective fun way to get your message across!
    It’s now Friday here, and I’ve shared a few of my blogs from past sessions to draw in some interest before a massive weekend of shoots!

  3. I do think the most important thing is to treat your blog like a business if you want it to pay off. I have treated mine like that since day one although not everyone always has but now they do which makes it easier for me. It can be hard when people think you are home and available all times but in reality you are working at your job!

  4. I have tried to figure out the magic method for blogging for years. I think it all comes down to the enjoyment. If you honestly enjoy what you are doing – others will too. At least I hope that is the key lol.

  5. I love that you’re treating blogging as a business! Once you start receiving regular, monthly residual income your husband should take you out to celebrate! He’ll know it was worth all the hard work and long hours you put into creating awesome blog content! 🙂

  6. Blogging takes patience, persistence, and endurance. There is just so much to learn and do behind the scenes.

  7. I started blogging again fulltime and am in the planning stage. I am trying to get 5 posts done ahead of time and planning them out. Such a task to get back into.

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