Three Things Thursday: Assessment Writing, Blogging, and Sewing

3 Things Thursday!


3 Things Thursday


Since today is  Thursday, according to my new blog schedule, it’s also “Three Things Thursday” – so I will share three things I’ve been working on today.

First of all, I had work to do for a client this morning. It involves a set of 12 chapters for a college business course and I’m writing the assessment questions to accompany each chapter. This is my third or fourth project with this particular education client/company.



Secondly, I’ve been working on my two blog posts for today — this one here, and one over at my other blog. If you’re interested, I blogged about Gathering Courage to Step Out of Our Comfort Zones.




And third, I’ve been working on some sewing projects. Sewing is my therapy, so I really enjoy making and taking time to work on something, no matter how small…preferably every day, if possible! These are some pillows I just recently made for a dear friend and her daughters, since she lost her hubby (also a friend) quite suddenly and unexpectedly last year.



I make custom pillows and other items, and sell them through my Etsy shop and my new Zibbet shop.  I would gladly give a discount to any of you bloggers who might like to order your own item! 🙂



3 Things Thursday


So What About YOU?


What did you do this Thursday?


If you blog, do you follow any particular schedule or topics for particular days?









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